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Fabulous Florenza vintage costume jewellery

Antique brooch Fabulous Florenza vintage costume jewellery

Antique brooch. Fabulous Florenza vintage costume jewellery

Fabulous Florenza vintage costume jewellery – decorations of stunning beauty by the genius of Dan Kasoff. He founded company Dan Kasoff Inc. in the early 40s in New York. In 1945, he launched branded jewelry, to which he gave the name of his mother – Florenza. Mostly made in Victorian style, magnificent Florenza jewels dazzle, have a truly mystical beauty. Each piece of Florenza is always absolutely rare collectible. Florenza always used only the finest stones from Germany, Austria and the East, with many stones which have been made specially for the brand. In all jewelry was used only a 24kt gold or gold alloys patented by them, bearing the sonorous name – “Florenza Gold”, “French Gold” and “French Rose”.

1960s Vintage brooch Starfish by Florenza

1960s Vintage brooch Starfish by Florenza

In addition, Florenza had exclusive contracts with such brands as Revlon and Estee Lauder to produce containers for solid lipsticks and perfume. Florenza also had among its clients and partner companies Coro, Weiss, Hattie Carnegie, Capri and Kramer, developing the design and manufacture a range of jewelry for these brands. After the death of Dan Kasoff the business was led by his son – Larry Kasoff. Alas, after an absurd car accident that occurred to him in 1981, the famous jewellery brand has closed its history, remaining Fabulous Florenza forever.

Fabulous Florenza

Bracelet with Loket – medallion, Florenza, USA, gilded antiques

This bracelet from the unforgettable Florenza with secret reminds me extraordinary medieval decorations. The splendor and mystery, a touch to the story …. Medieval Europe, famous for sly intrigues and deadly conspiracies of royal courts. Oddly enough, but the special role played decorations, that even made history. In particular, so called killer rings. Rings with all sorts of tricks in order to poison the enemy mercilessly.

For example, Poisonous ring of Borgia family. Glorified by Alexandre Dumas, who described the methodology in detail in his novel. Thus, the described gold ring with a lion’s head, could “bite” when shaking hands, releasing the poison thorn. However, it wasn’t a fantasy of the writer, but proved by historical facts.

And, of course, among the favorite palace intriguers were popular rings with a recess (often carefully hidden gems) in which was poison. To pour the contents of a ring into a glass of the enemy and then as if nothing had happened drink to his health from the other glass … O tempora! O mores!

Fabulous Florenza vintage costume jewellery

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