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Beaucraft jewellery unsigned beauty

Beaucraft jewellery unsigned beauty

Yellow roses Vintage brooch. Beaucraft jewellery unsigned beauty

Beaucraft jewellery unsigned beauty
Although Beaucraft did not label their brooches in the set, only clips, but still it remained recognizable by their special style called “unsigned beauty” (not marked beauty). However, vintage costume jewellery lovers often confuse the name of Beaucraft with another, no less popular Beau Jewels. Founded in 1947 by Luigi Russo and Ray Sacciccio, Beaucraft jewellery classic elegant design is equal in rating of popularity and quality to the products of, for example, the brand Coro. And, of course, values as highly collectible. Known for high-quality products of perfect polished sterling silver, and gold-plated, they have a completely original look. Besides, combining classic style with modern fashion. Undoubtedly, the markings “Beau Sterling” of this brand destined for high-end fashionistas. And due to the fact that the company did not only make costume jewelry, but jewelry made of precious metals.
The company Beaucraft Inc. began producing jewelry “Beau” and “Beaucraft” in Providence, Rhode Island in 1947. Noteworthy, they had been a leading manufacturer of unique sterling silver jewelry for half a century. Beaucraft jewellery design features originality, versatility and impeccable craftsmanship.

1950s vintage brooch - Dancing Gypsy women

1950s vintage brooch – Dancing Gypsy women

In fact, Beaucraft jewellery labels included: “Beaucraft” (silver), “Beau”, “B Sterling”, “B” to “Ster” or “Sterling”, and “Beau Sterling”. In addition, Beaucraft made gold jewelry. However, in September 2004, after 57 years of existence, Beaucraft Inc. came out of the jewelry business. So, the entire inventory was sold at auction of the company Amsco Ltd., and the firm Beaucraft was sold to Rembrandt Charms.

Beaucraft jewellery unsigned beauty