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Reja costume jewellery

Reja costume jewellery. Rare Collectable ornaments - silver broocha, book piece. marked Sterling, 1945

Female goose with umbrella, one of the matched Goose brooches. Rare Collectible ornament. 1945. 6.5×3.5 cm. Reja costume jewellery

Reja costume jewellery
The company founded by the jewelry designer Solomon Finkelstein in 1932 began its work in New York City. Initially, a small but promising brand manufactured rhinestone jewelry for wholesale distribution, and therefore did not advertise it. However, seven years later, in 1939 Finkelstein decided to manufacture jewelry for the retail trade. Accordingly, they changed the name of the company to Deja Costume Jewelry, Inc. Also, they used such trademarks as Deja, Deja Reg., Deja Original, and Deja Fleurs.
Meanwhile, in January 1941, due to the decision of Supreme Court of New York the creators of the jewelry brand had to change the name to Reja. And on the 17th January 1941 Finkelstein announced that he was the only the owner of Reja, and its main designer.
All jewelry pieces were made mostly by hand, in small batches, and only for sale at retail. Therefore, so little jewelry of the brand have survived. In the production jewelers actively used rhinestone to simulate diamonds, moonstones and crystals of very high quality. One of the most popular considered series of enamel berries and birds made both in silver, and on the basis of jewelry alloys. Unfortunately, a short, but colorful history of Reja brand ended 4th December 1953 (bankruptcy), leaving us to remember Reja costume jewellery masterpieces.

Rare Collectable ornaments - Geese, silver brooches from the company Reja, book piece

Matching gold-plated sterling brooches of two geese, usually sold in pairs. Rare Collectable ornaments. Reja costume jewellery

Noteworthy, Solomon Finkelstein made an an attempt to save the company in June 1953, having signed a commercial agreement with Heller-Deltah Co., Inc. Unfortunately, this attempt failed.

The company began to advertise its production in February 1946 in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, with full page color advertisements. They featured in particular, the “Africana” series of brooches with earrings, made of sterling and black enamel.

Reja costume jewellery

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