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Kenzo costume jewelry

Kenzo costume jewelry

Gorgeous flower vintage brooch. Jewelry alloy, lucite. Kenzo costume jewelry

Kenzo costume jewelry
The history of the legendary Kenzo fragrances began in 1987.
Kenzo Fashion House produces clothes, perfumes and stylish accessories, but many fashion houses do this. So why is Kenzo so famous? In the 60s of the last century, a young, ambitious Japanese Takada Kenzo, full of creative plans, ideas and, of course, talent, came to Paris.
The guy was not just talented, he absorbed everything new, like a sponge. As a result, the designer received a curious, but very honorable nickname – “the most French of Japanese designers”. Takada created a unique style that combines two different cultures. Ethnic style inherent in any Kenzo product, both clothing and jewelry.
Kenzo jewelry is more like museum treasures, which have collected elements of all the exotic tribes and nations of the planet. Each decoration is a compromise between fashionable and vintage, massive and individual, subtle, classic and modern, strength and weakness. The jewels of this brand make you either fall in love from the first moment or hate them. In any case, Kenzo products will not leave anyone indifferent, they cause too strong feelings.

Mini eye earrings. Silver and ruthenium

Mini eye earrings. Silver and ruthenium. Kenzo costume jewelry

Noteworthy, the designer creates not just jewelery; behind every cut, shape and design there is a whole mini-performance. The jeweler embodies folk, lyrical, national images from Europe, Japan, America, China in his products. He attaches great importance to nature; each individual collection is the embodiment of natural charm, purity, tenderness, and freshness … Takada perpetuated many rare, exotic plants and flowers in his jewelry masterpieces.

Basically, jewelers of the brand work with silver of 925, and from gems you can specify some most favorite. In particular, agate, labradorite, Chinese pearls, as well as bright enamel and rare materials, for example, genuine leather. If at the first stage the designer himself combined only two cultures: Asian and French, then subsequently appeared Italian. It was thanks to Italian Antonio Marra, who came to Kenzo with his love of Italy, its passion, brightness and individuality.

Next, Carroll Lim and Umberto Leon, Asians by origin and Californians by education, headed the company. Accordingly, they brought a lot of new things to the company, and the brand has mastered a new direction. Since 1993, the Kenzo brand has become so famous that entered the famous French group, which includes Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Christian Lacroix, and Dior.

Kenzo brand admirers prefer to wear jewelry decorations of this brands because they perfectly complement the artistic image. Traditionally, women immediately buy clothes, accessories and jewelry of the company, which creates a unique style. Also, a fairly flexible pricing policy allows any woman to enjoy the company’s jewelry.

Kenzo costume jewelry

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