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Jonette Jewelry Со – JJ vintage jewellery

The girl in the window vintage brooch. JJ vintage jewellery

The girl in the window vintage brooch. JJ vintage jewellery

JJ vintage jewellery
Run by Abraham Lisker, the company “Jonette Jewelry” started its activities in 1935 under the name “Providence Jewelry Company”. However, in 1937, when Nathan Lisker joined his brother’s business, the company got name “Lisker & Lisker”. But seven years later, after the World War II, the two brothers decided to rename the company, they just combined the names of their parents, John and Etta. Thus, in the state of Rhode Island, appeared “Jonette Jewelry Co”, established in 1944. Since 1970, the company became known as JJ, and each peace was marked “copyright JJ”. Meanwhile, their first success was as ballerina pin, brooches and figurines, decorated with mother of pearl.

1970-80s earrings Diaries of Stargazer by JJ

1970-80s earrings Diaries of Stargazer. JJ vintage jewellery

The founder of the company, Abraham Lisker retired in 1972, and the new head became his son, B. Gordon Lisker. Gordon Lisker began to outsource some of the firm’s production to other companies. In 1986, he registered the name “Artifacts”, and used the Roman numerals MCMLXXXVI on jewelry cards. In 1988 was released a Southwestern line with the “Santa Fe” mark, signed “JJ 1988”. Unfortunately, after 62 years a successful family business, Jonette Jewelry Co. ended production in September, 2006.

Widely known to collectors, JJ Jewellery conquered all due to its distinctive designs. Besides, they are easily recognizable. This is not just a decoration, but the work of art. JJ vintage ornaments grow in value every year, and therefore are a great investment.

The company mainly engaged in the production of shaped brooches of original designs. While other jewelers imitated antique jewelry, owners of the company focused on the production of brooches and pins in the form of various fun figures. In addition, Jonette Jewelry Co. also manufactured jewelry, letter openers, photograph frames, watch straps or bands or bracelets, bookmarks, candle holders and more. Creating jewelry, JJ masters used brass, pewter, base metal, sterling silver, enameling and resin.

JJ vintage jewellery


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