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Vintage Monet Jewellery

Brooch Dragonfly, 1966. Vintage Monet Jewellery

Dragonfly brooch, 1966. Galina Karputina collection. Vintage Monet Jewellery

Considered classics today, Vintage Monet Jewellery occupies a prominent position among the world’s most illustrious fashion houses. Noteworthy, in order to buy jewelry of this brand, you need to contact the elite jewelry stores, because the company only works with the most prestigious boutiques.
First of all, the history of the brand Monet began in 1927. It was then that Russian-Jewish immigrants Michael and Joseph Chernow, who founded their own company in Providence (US state of Rhode Island). They named the company Monocraft Products Co. Meanwhile, specialization of the company was the release of gilded monograms and monogram used to decorate handbags. Under this name the Chernow brothers worked for ten years, although they created the first jewelry in 1929.

Delicate vintage pendant from Monet coated gold color

Delicate vintage pendant coated gold color. Vintage Monet Jewellery

It is impossible to tell exactly what motivated the founders of the company in the end to name their jewelry Monet. Perhaps, they loved the works of Impressionist painters Edouard Manet and Claude Monet. Jewelry from the brothers Chernov branded «Monet» first appeared in 1937.

This brand is famous not only for a particular fondness for the style of “vintage”. On account of the masters of Monet are several revolutionary inventions relating to the technical side of fashion jewelry, which, by the way, have relevant patents. For example, they have developed the familiar today jewelry for pierced ears not like clips. In addition, traditional Monet earrings got new types of locks. The company has patented clasp for a necklace, known as “barrel”.

Creating Monet jewelry, masters used mainly precious metals. For example, many items were made of sterling silver with innovative methods. These products have markings «Monet Sterling». However, it was possible to use different jewelry alloys which certainly had a coating of precious metal. The company Monet has special technology, invented by its masters to create a flawless coverage of gold and silver.

Noteworthy, to create jewelry of brand Monet, used only natural materials. However, sometimes encrusted with crystals, but only the best quality products, such as Austrian brand Swarovski. But these decorations appeared later than jewelry made of gold or silver without any encrustations.

Craftsmanship with metals became the hallmark of the brand Monet. Masters of the company learned to give them all sorts of textures. Design experiments ended in the creation of jewelry of metallic lace. Over time, to whet interest in the brand, the Monet company’s masters began to experiment with different inlays. That’s new collection of jewelry with stones or enamel decoration.

By 1955, many unscrupulous manufacturers began to use design solutions of Monet. Copying the style of the brand, they did not care much about the quality of the materials used to make their jewelry. This forced the company to mark Monet jewelry with a special stamp Monet, Monet Sterling or Monet Jewelry marked with copyright.

In 1969, the company brand was acquired by General Mills. It is from this time Monet jewelry have been actively used crystals. There are new designs that meet the tastes of today’s fashionistas. Under the leadership of General Mills, the brand Monet decided to cooperate with Yves Saint Laurent. In 1980, specially for the famous designer was released a special collection of jewelry.

Since 1984, the company Monet changed owners several times. In 2000, it was bought by one of the largest US corporations Liz Claiborne, Inc. Today, under the brand name Monet are produced all kinds of jewelry, which feature a modern style, but certainly, vintage accessories are most desirable for Monet fans. Vintage jewelry by brand “Monet”, produced before 1979 have a high collection value.

Vintage Monet Jewellery

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