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Gofer ceramic costume jewelry

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Gofer ceramic costume jewelry

Sun ceramic brooch. The sun embossed on a ceramic basis and covered with enamels of cheerful and bright colors. 1950s. 8 cm. Gofer ceramic costume jewelry

Gofer ceramic costume jewelry
The workshop founded by artists of applied art Avraham and Pnina Gofer which operated in Israel from 1956 ceased to exist before 2000. Mid-century products marked Gofer have become very popular among collectors.
Located in Israel, the workshop of a married couple Avraham and Pnina Gofer created unique jewelry of abstract, Art Deco and avant garde design. The Gophers began to manufacture ceramic jewelry in the early 1950s, after they got married. Noteworthy, the duo created their own unique style and took part in art exhibitions in the museums of Tel Aviv and Haifa (1970s). Also, their last solo exhibition took place at the Ethnographic Museum in Holon in 1987.
They started with the development and creation of enamels for jewelry, and in 1956 they opened their own ceramic workshop. However, the design of Avraham & Pnina Gofer, included not only jewelry decorations – brooches and pendants. In addition, they made beautiful decorative panels, wall plaques and ceramic tiles, which jewelry lovers can wear as pendants.
Traditionally, for making brooches and pendants the craftsmen used a glazed ceramic basis, sometimes silver or copper. Also, the jewelers covered items with enamels of bright colors.

Avraham and Pnina copper and silver enamel pin. Designed by Aharon Kahana, Israel

Avraham and Pnina Gofer copper, silver and enamel brooch pin. 5 cm

Gofer ceramic costume jewelry

Avraham and Pnina Gofer enameled abstract design brooch pin

Bright colors abstract design enameled ceramic brooch pin. 4 cm. Israel

Bird pendant pin, ceramic art. 6 cm

Blue bird of happiness enameled pendant pin, vintage ceramic art. 6 cm

Judaica glazed ceramic blue fish brooch pin

Blue fish glazed ceramic art brooch pendant

Large silver plated enameled pendant, 1950s

Large 930 silver enameled pendant, 7 cm, 1950s

Rooster ceramic pin pendant. 8 cm

Rooster ceramic brooch pendant. 8 cm

Sunface enameled brooch pendant. 1960s

Sun face handmade enameled brooch pendant. 1960s

Unique handcrafted fish brooch

Unique handcrafted fish brooch

Watering flower gardener vintage large enameled pendant

Watering flower gardener. Mid century large enameled pendant. 15 cm

Marked Gofer Israel

Maker’s mark