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Vintage actress Debra Paget

Vintage actress Debra Paget

Exotic and gorgeous, Vintage actress Debra Paget (born Debralee Griffin; August 19, 1933)

Vintage actress Debra Paget made her first steps on the professional stage at the age of eight, and to thirteen years old has constantly played in the theater in “Merry Wives of Windsor.” One of the screen’s truly beautiful young actresses, she started playing in films at the age of 15. Debra starred in many westerns, playing Indian women, islanders, residents of the East, for that very reason and probably for her talents in oriental dancing, she was characterized as an “exotic girl”. And as an exotic girl, and belly-dancer, she used to decorate herself with lots of gorgeous costume jewellery – long and massive earrings, gold chains, large necklaces or parures, and lots of bracelets. As a Hollywood diva and a true jewellery lover, she wore tasteful high jewellery pieces, demonstrating good taste of a delicate glamorous lady. After the success of beautiful actress, by the mid-1950s Debra is becoming less popular, and in 1957, the contract with the film studio 20th Century Fox was terminated.

Debra Paget as Lilia in The Ten Commandments, 1956. Promo photo

Paget as Lilia in The Ten Commandments, 1956. Promo photo

Then she began her career on the television. But the success was short-lived, and after the third marriage in 1962, Debra Paget completely disappeared from the film industry. In the late 1980s, she became reborn Christian (born again Christian), and in the early 1990s led her own religious show An Interlude with Debra Paget on the Trinity Broadcasting Network TV channel.

Since 1965 Debra has lived in Houston, Texas. Debra Paget was married three times. Her first husband, David Street, was a film actor and singer, the marriage lasted for four months – from 14 January to 10 April 1958, and ended in divorce. Budd Boetticher, her second husband, was a filmmaker; marriage lasted from March 27, 1960 to August 1961. With her third husband Luis Kun (1921-1996), US-Chinese oil industrialist, a nephew of politician Louis C. Kung, Debora had lived for eight years. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1980.

Vintage actress Debra Paget

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