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Frank Tortolani vintage jewellery

Frank Tortolani vintage jewellery

Shoulder Brooches “Angel” and “Demon”. Tortolani vintage jewellery

Tortolani vintage jewellery
Jewellery brand “Tortolani” existed in the United States from 1934 until World War II, and then from 1950 until 1976. Tortolani costume jewelry was extremely popular due to its exciting design. And today, most of Tortolani pieces have a high collection value. Frank Tortolani, founder of the dynasty of jewelers, came to America from Italy in 1923. He created decorations of silver or silver-plated jewelry, with his trademark signature. However, his decorations became recognized and appreciated only in the 50s, after he had got a lot of awards for original design and unique method. He signed a contract with Max Factor in the manufacture of boxes for cosmetics. Now these items are a real rarity. At the same time, he created a nominal jewelry for stars of the time. Among his clients were Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis and many others.

Charming elf leprechaun - from Irish folklore, traditionally portrayed as a small, stocky man. Brings good luck in money

Charming elf leprechaun – from Irish folklore, traditionally portrayed as a small, stocky man. Brings good luck in money

With Frank Tortolani worked his children, and when he closed his factory, his eldest son, Donald, has created his own line of jewelry, which was called «Corina», noteworthy that Frank and grandchildren have become jewelers. Jewelry by Frank, always have marked Tortolani.

The first thing that attracts attention – an unusual design. For Francesco Tortolani was typical flair for material: metal with gold, silver or bronze coating. In most cases, the soloist is the metal, the additional insertion in jewelry may not be used at all. Only a complex and voluminous drawing of metal: animating roses, birds flapping their wings, curious animals … When it comes to inserts, it will be cabochons of unusual shapes and textures: polished drop of “Beijing” glass, pearl, cabochons of unusual forms and rare colors, textured cabochons “lava”, reminiscent of the drop has not yet cooled volcanic magma.

As for the sense of humor, only this brand has so extraordinary jewelry that no citations or repeats by other brands did not occur – they simply do not correspond to any other style other than “Tortolani”. For example, a brooch in the form of a tomato bush, or a well-known shoulder brooches “Angel” and “Demon”, each one pinned to the shoulder and whispering something into the ears of the owner …

Tortolani vintage jewellery

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