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German Art Deco Theodore Fahrner jewellery

Theodore Fahrner jewellery Art Deco brooch

German Art Deco Theodore Fahrner jewellery. Brooch, silver filigree, pearl, 1930s

Theodore Fahrner jewellery

First of all, it is worth saying that the exclusive, often made of semiprecious materials in the style of art nouveau and art deco, decorations of Fahrner are highly appreciated. And most of all those which had the brand label on them. Founded in Forgeheim, Germany, in 1855 and run since 1883 by Theodore Fahrner Jr., the jewelry company “Fahrner” was one of the most prosperous in Europe. Meanwhile, in 1919, after the death of Theodore Fahrner Jr., Gustave Brandel bought this company. And already renamed “Gustave Brandel – Theodore Fahrner Nackf”, the company successfully led the market until the 1950s. Unfortunately, the company ceased to exist 1979. Thus, the company has successfully existed for more than a century, from 1855 to 1979.

German Art Deco Theodore Fahrner jewellery silver brooch, marcasite, pearl. 1930s

Marcasite, pearl silver brooch. 1930s. German Art Deco Theodore Fahrner jewellery

In fact, until the mid-1920’s Fahrner was more famous for their decorations in the style of art nouveau, the movement “Arts and Craft” and Celtic motifs. Noteworthy, the outstanding masters of that time became designers of many of the ornaments of the Fahrner. Besides, the products were produced in limited quantities and exported through other companies, such as, for example, “Murel Bennett and Co..” Fahrner has gained fame and popularity thanks to products of unusual geometric forms, associated with the era of jazz and the movement of art deco.

Although Fahrner believed that the real value of the work is determined by its artistic quality, rather than the cost of materials, the company often encrusted jewelry with semiprecious stones and pearls. Of course, this reflected in the prices. In addition, the presence of the brand of Faрrner on the product could increase its cost by 75%.

Theodore Fahrner jewellery

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