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Tatiana and Ben jewellery

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Earrings 'Queen of bees'

‘Queen of bees’ earrings. Tatiana and Ben jewellery

Tatiana and Ben jewellery
Talented international duo of jewellers, a husband and wife have a lot in common, despite the fact that they grew up in different countries. Tatiana has been collecting Art Nouveau and Art Deco works for many years. Ben is a jeweller, singer, drummer and cook. Together they discuss the design of future jewelry pieces and give them life. Tatiana is happy in marriage – they sing and play various musical instruments together, love to travel and what’s more important – create beautiful jewelry.
According to Tatiana, she has more than 6 years experience in designing jewelry from natural stones. Chemist by profession, her fascination with stones began when she was 9 years old. One day her dad (also a chemist), put amethyst in her hand. “I remember that I could not sleep, and looked and looked at it as a living creature, that sparked in my hands all the time. It was something amazing and unique”. She studied at the Faculty of Geology in the St. Petersburg University, and went to expeditions.

Art Nouveau style Bracelet 'Versailles', made of luxurious labradorite, shining thick blue and silver

‘Versailles’ bracelet, made of luxurious labradorite, shining thick blue and silver

Tatiana has participated in the exhibition “World of Stone” in St. Petersburg since 2005. Since 2009, Tatiana and Ben have been involved in these shows together.

Tatiana and Ben jewellery

Beautiful pendant 'The Little Mermaid' is made of tinted agate

‘The Little Mermaid’ tinted agate pendant

Bracelet 'First Flower' made of bronze and of rare beauty sea shell paua, shines all shades of violet-blue

‘First Flower’ bracelet. Bronze, paua sea shell

Bracelet 'Queen of Guinevere' made of bronze, Art Nouveau style

‘Queen of Guinevere’ bracelet. Bronze

Bracelet 'Queen of Guinevere' made of bronze, Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau bronze bracelet ‘Queen of Guinevere’

Earrings 'Duchess of Alba' made of rare beauty the paua shell, green and antique gold color brass. Tatiana and Ben jewellery

‘Duchess of Alba’ earrings. Shell, green and antique gold color brass

Earrings 'Eurydice' made of beautiful Swarovski crystals of 2 colors - dark green and burgundy; beautiful girl in bronze, in the style of Art Nouveau. Tatiana and Ben jewellery

‘Eurydice’ earrings. Swarovski crystals, bronze

Earrings 'Fairy Tale Seahorse' made of red coral and bronze. Tatiana and Ben jewellery

‘Fairy Tale Seahorse’ earrings. Red coral and bronze

Earrings 'White City', made of luxurious carved white coral and Brass, antique gold and silver oxidation. Tatiana and Ben jewellery

‘White City’ earrings. Carved white coral, brass, antique gold and silver oxidation

Jewellery Set 'The Birth of Spring', made of bronze and Czech glass, art deco style of 1930s

‘The Birth of Spring’ set. Bronze, Czech glass, art deco style of 1930s

Necklace 'Aelita', made of beautiful labradorite, shining rainbow and silver plated, art deco style

‘Aelita’ necklace. Labradorite, silver plated

Necklace 'Shaherizada' made of hanging chains and interesting weave of copper

‘Shaherezada’ copper necklace with hanging chains

Necklace 'Waltz of the Flowers' made of beautiful pale blue, turquoise calcilic and suspension of Brass

‘Waltz of the Flowers’ necklace. Turquoise, brass

Pendant 'All-seeing eye', made of a beautiful landscape jasper

‘All-seeing eye’ pendant, landscape jasper

Pendant 'Freedom', made of bronze and cabochon cut from a beautiful sea shell paua, shining blue and green colors

‘Freedom’ pendant. Bronze, sea shell paua of blue and green colors

Pendant Parallel Worlds. Tatiana and Ben jewellery

Parallel Worlds pendant

Pendant 'Promised Land', made of luxurious ocean jasper toned colors of the first spring grass and silver-plated fittings

‘Promised Land’ pendant. Jasper, silver-plated fittings

Pendant 'The Little Mermaid', made of very beautiful labradorite (spektrolit) sparkling in all shades of blue

‘The Little Mermaid’ pendant. Labradorite

Pendants 'Rotation of the Earth', made of glass and brass, antique gold

‘Rotation of the Earth’ pendants. Glass, brass, antique gold

Set 'Receding Universe', made of sea shells, starfish, black onyx, turquoise and silver. Tatiana and Ben jewellery

‘Receding Universe’ set. Sea shells, starfish, black onyx, turquoise and silver

Silver pendant 'Parallel Worlds', made of beautiful and unusual crystal bismuth, shining with all the colors of the rainbow and silver

‘Parallel Worlds’ pendant. Bismuth crystal, silver