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Swarovski vintage costume jewelry

Swarovski vintage costume jewelry. Columbine brooch. Jewelry alloy, colored enamel, gilding, Swarovski crystals, glass rhinestones. 4 cm

Stunning in its detail and quality of performance Columbine in the carnival mask brooch. The dress painted with colored enamels and decorated with crystals. 4 cm. Swarovski vintage costume jewelry

Swarovski vintage costume jewelry
Traditionally, Jewelry decorations by this company has a classic brand mark – swan.
The history of the Swarovski brand begins in 1892, when a young man invented a machine that allowed to work with crystals. And only in 1977, the Swarovski brand starts producing costume jewelery. The first collection, called Swarovski Premium, included jewelry, just decorative crystals and accessories. In 1987, a society of Swarovski lovers appeared, and more than 400,000 people joined it. Perhaps that is what success means.
The Swarovski company produces not only jewelry, it creates lines of any accessories where it is possible to use branded crystals: for example, lamps or clothing.

Swarovski vintage costume jewelry

Apple tree as a tree of knowledge, vintage brooch. Gold-colored metal, enamel. 6.5 cm. Swarovski vintage costume jewelry

Swarovski brooch – the tree of knowledge. At one time, this company has created a “whole garden” of such decorations. On this tree are red apples, a symbol of the forbidden fruit and at the same time knowledge. Marking swan.

Saturn, Moon and stars

Saturn, Moon and stars brooch. Jewelry alloy, enamel, rhinestones. Swarovski vintage costume jewelry

The Swarovski company produces truly works of art from crystal: sculptures and miniatures, jewelry, clothes, chandeliers and other home accessories. And a separate line are other components: rhinestones, beads, and much more, used by other craftsmen, designers and artists.

Ribbon and large crystal vintage clips

Ribbon and large crystal vintage clips. Swarovski vintage costume jewelry

Due to the fact that Swarovski puts special coatings on some of its crystals, they have an effect of “Aurora’s Northern Lights” or “AB” (Aurora Borealis with rainbow reflections on the surface). Also, Aurum, Silver (imitating metals) – ornaments with unusual lighting effects. Individuality of jewelry with such crystals satisfies any ambitions of even the most demanding customer!

Christmas brooch

Christmas tree brooch. Swarovski vintage costume jewelry

Noteworthy, Swarovski designers marked their crystal sculptures with a company logo. Originally, it was an edelweiss flower, but in 1988 they replaced it with the image of a swan.
Since 2007, Swarovski components had the brand name CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski elements. But in 2010, for greater recognition and sales support, they changed it to SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Swarovski vintage costume jewelry

Crowned heart brooch. 4.5 cm. Rhinestones, jewelry alloy, crystals. Swarovski vintage costume jewelry

Swarovski vintage costume jewelry