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Stanley Hagler Jewelry designer Ian St. Gielar

Stanley Hagler Jewelry designer Ian St. Gielar

Red coral starfish brooch. Stanley Hagler Jewelry designer Ian St. Gielar

Stanley Hagler Jewelry designer Ian St. Gielar
Most jewelry experts associate Hagler’s company with the names of three great designers. In particular, Stanley Hagler himself (since the 1950s), Mark Mercy (since 1979) and Ian St. Gielar (since 1989). In 1983 Stanley Hagler moved his company to Florida and Mark Mercy followed with him. And in 1989, the talented designer Ian St. Gielar joined them and stayed with them until 1993. Meanwhile, Stanley Hagler himself continued to create until 1994, but was forced to retire for health reasons. Up until the death of Hagler in 1996, it was Ian St. Gielar who was engaged in design. Settled in Florida, jewelry designer Ian St. Gielar worked as the chief designer at Stanley Hagler until his death in 1996. He then founded his own company and produced jewelry both under his own name and under the trademark “Stanley Hagler NY.”

Stanley Hagler Jewelry designer Ian St. Gielar

Christmas Tree brooch. Stanley Hagler Jewelry designer Ian St. Gielar

Meanwhile, after the death of Hagler in 1996, his assistants Mark Mercy and Ian St. Gielar began to fight for the rights to the company, slandering each other. Of course, there were many stories, rumors, gossips and mutual accusations. Until now, there are two, not similar to each other, histories of the creation and development of the brand, told by opponents.

In fact, neither Mark Mercy nor Ian St. Gielar achieve what they wanted, since Ernest Hagler, the brother of the late Stanley Hagler, inherited the company in 1996. Noteworthy, in April 1999, Ernest Hagler made a press release that put an end to the dispute and the fate of the company. In particular, he said that after the funeral of Stan (June, 1996) in Denver, he decided to stop the company activities. He even sold the remaining material and beads and announced a ban on using the name “Stanley Hagler” in any way. Having retained several finished products for family members, the rest of the money Ernest Hagler gave to charity.

Besides, accusing former employees of Stanley, who were competing for the exclusive use of his name, Ernest Hagler refused them and secured the closure of the firm. Moreover, according to a special statement – the Stanley Hagler Company died when Stanley died. “There is no new Hagler and will not be!”

Nevertheless, the directories and catalogs of jewelry and designers creating them mention decorations created precisely by Ian St. Gielar. Undoubtedly, the decorations by Ian St. Gielar – high quality with magnificent filigree work. In his work he used such materials as Murano glass, mother of pearl, artificial pearls, limoges porcelain and ivory. All ornaments he made by hand, and many decorations – made in limited quantities, or even in a single copy. This explains their high price.
Indeed, the price of brooches is quite high, bearing in mind that the products belong to costume jewelery. Thus, some vintage products of this brand can reach several thousand dollars.

Stanley Hagler Jewelry designer Ian St. Gielar

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