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Stanley Hagler jewellery

Stanley Hagler jewellery

Vintage poster. Stanley Hagler jewellery

Stanley Hagler jewellery
First of all, all Stanley Hagler jewelry is a sign of good taste. American jewellery designer Stanley Hagler has earned the reputation of “Picasso in the field of jewelry” for created by him unique, colorful, and striking imagination jewelry. For a person engaged in jewelry work only because of a whim, Stanley Hagler was remarkably successful businessman selling jewelry during the second half of XX century. He led the “star list” of the rich and famous clients. In particular, Hagler specialized in jewellery made of artificial pearls, using separate gems. Thus, he highlighted the beauty and quality of decoration, while others used number to conceal defects of pearls. His imitation pearls of irregular shape represented the blown glass, dipped in pearl resin up to 15 times in order to achieve maximum shine.

Stanley Hagler jewellery - bracelet worth Duchess

1980s Bracelet worth Duchess. Created by Ian St Gielar

Born in 1923 in the United States, Stanley Hagler worked for some time as assistant to Miriam Haskell, at the end of the 1940s. However, already in 1953 Hagler began to create his own jewelry design. His brand, known as “Stanley Hagler”, operated until 1983. Noteworthy, Hagler received Swarovski award in 1968 for the first time. In 1979 Marc Mercy joined the company working as a designer. In 1983 the company moved to Florida. The name of the company was changed to “Stanley Hagler N.Y.S.” Meanwhile, In 1989 Ian St Gielar joined the company as chief designer and worked in that capacity until 1993.

Jewellery worth Duchess – legendary collection of jewelry, and the Duchess wore both – high jewelry and costume jewelry. Someone from friends of Hagler said that he will never get a level of high designer, Hagler said that necessarily is the will – he will create something worthy of a queen. In fact, his first decoration was for a successor to the British throne Duchess of Windsor. Hagler sent her a bracelet, and she became the first in his list of celebrities.

In 1996 Stanley Hagler died. After his death, decorations continue to be issued under the name “Stanley Hagler and co.”.

Stanley Hagler was a follower of Miriam Haskell in creating decorations on the old technology. Flowers, oriental motifs and decorations with the image, such as butterflies – constant theme of his work. Published twice a year – Fashion Press Week – was another source of inspiration.

Bright and sophisticated decoration by Stanley Hagler joined contemporary design and old technology. He always used the best materials such as hand blown glass, Swarovski crystals and gold-plated metal filigree. Decorations were collected by hand: stones and crystals were attached to the base, and did not put on the glue. His work has its own style and looks perfect from all sides. He also made striking brooches in the form of Christmas trees.

One of the most intriguing features of Hagler jewelry – versatility. The clasp of the necklace can be transformed into hair ornament or brooch, necklace can be a double bracelet, earrings in some may take a completely different look with the addition or removal of some parts. Throughout his career, Hagler won 11 awards from Swarovski for “Great jewelry design.” He created jewelry that he always considered “just lovely”.

Hagler produced decorations for middle and upper classes of the market, selling them through the company “Saks Fifth Avenue”. “Lord and Taylor.” “Bergdorf” and “Goodman” and on the west coast prestigious fashion house, “Joseph Magnin.”

Stanley Hagler jewellery