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Sonia Rykiel costume jewellery

Sonia Rykiel costume jewellery

Sun brooch. Gold tone metal, vintage. Sonia Rykiel costume jewellery

Sonia Rykiel costume jewellery
Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine into the family of Jewish immigrants from Russia and Romania, Alfred Flis and Fanny Tesler, Sonia Rykiel – a famous French fashion designer. Sonia Rykiel (25 May 1930 – 25 August 2016) opened her first store, making clothing and accessories in 1968. However, the history of the Sonia Rykiel brand begins in 1962, when Madame Rykiel, the future mother, could not choose any outfit from what the Parisian shops offered for pregnant women. So, the talented and creative Rykie decided to take it in her hands.
Then followed first knitted sweaters, clothes for women… and gradually developed a design of jewelry to her clothing line.
According to Sonia Rykiel, for many years she did not care much to create something that will go down in history, the main goal was – to dress every woman beautifully. Costume jewellery created by her is still in demand thanks to the wonderful taste and sense of harmony of the designer.

Angel earrings, gold filled metal, rhinestones, enamel

Angel earrings, gold filled metal, rhinestones, enamel. Sonia Rykiel costume jewellery

Traditionally, Sonia Rykiel decorations have marks – the original SR initials on the front side of the product, but earlier brooches – marked on the back, with “Sonia Rykiel Paris”.
For years, no one, except the closest friends, had guessed that Sonia was seriously ill – the designer suffered from the Parkinson’s disease. In 2007, the leadership of the fashion house was taken by Natalie, daughter of Sonya, and the line of accessories – her sister.

August 25, 2016 Sonia Rykiel died after a long illness. After the death of the designer, the value of this brand is increasing every day.

Sweater brooch, gold color metal

Symbolic brooch – Sweater brooch, gold color metal. Sonia Rykiel costume jewellery

In one of the numerous interviews, Sonia told the journalist that as a child, if she could have her will, she would not take off the beloved sweater that her mother had knitted for her.
She herself was the creator of the perfect pullover and did away with it when it worn out to holes. On the embodiment of her dream in reality, Sonia first thought about in the early 60’s, then she, the wife of the owner of a fashion boutique, dreamed of a sweater in which she would be comfortable. A loving husband, finding nothing suitable, even ordered a product made of the finest wool in Italy, but Sonya received this gesture without enthusiasm.

Sonia Rykiel costume jewellery