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Simkha Jewelry by Olga Shneyderova

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Brooch Cat

Cat Brooch. Simkha Jewelry by Olga Shneyderova

Simkha Jewelry by Olga Shneyderova
The brooch “Cat” is in the house Museum of cats in Lloret de Mar in Spain. Collection “Cats” was released for the exhibition at the festival “Moon Cat” in Lloret de Mar in Spain 27 February – 5 March 2011.
Moscow born artist jeweler Olga Shneyderova has lived in Netanya, Israel for ten years.
According to Olga, in her life there were good teachers. The sculptor has taught her to look through the items and notice how the intersection of spaces forms new forms. Very old and blind artist taught her to feel the color with the touch of hands, and the composer taught her to paint sounds. Psychic taught to invest in the creation of the hands emotional message, and the Lord God taught to distinguish and invest only good.

Horse bringing luck. Brooch of filled gold, garnet, citrine, carnelian, chrome diopside

Horse bringing luck brooch. Gold filled, garnet, citrine, carnelian, chrome diopside

Noteworthy, Olga created her first “jewel” studying in the sixth grade. Then the whole class recognized her as a designer. Since that, she has not been able to stop. It became her life-long passion. While a student of the last year, she had a small business for the production of jewelry. In her art studio worked 10 people. Olga was a designer, technologist and manager. She developed machines for manufacturing fastener and cutting inserts for jewelry. Despite the large number of products the most important thing for her was – artistic value and quality.

Brooch Winter. Pearl, silver, crystals

Winter brooch. Pearl, silver, crystals

Simkha Jewelry by Olga Shneyderova

These were the first years of perestroika. The market was full of stamped jewelry. She began to pay more attention to painting, including “lacquer miniature.” Like many artists she spent the weekend at the market in Izmailovo (Moscow). Hundreds of decorated Easter eggs flew to the United States, the collection of her Matryoshka dolls went to France with the director of “L’Oreal”.

Brooch from Christmas collection

Brooch from Christmas collection

In 1998, Olga became the founder of the charitable organization. 10 % of profit for sold jewelry she donated to charity. “Through decorations I’ve met wonderful and interesting people and have seen the world. I hope that this passion that began in childhood will give life to the new collections and the joy to new customers”.

Brooch from Christmas collection

Christmas collection

Brooch based on Faberge egg 'Lilies of the Valley'

Based on Faberge egg ‘Lilies of the Valley’

Lilies of the Valley Faberge egg

Lilies of the Valley Faberge egg

Lizard in Twighlight

Brooch Lizard in Twighlight

Lizard in Twilight

Lizard in Twilight

Brooch Flight

Flight brooch

Brooch Night Walk

Night Walk brooch

Brooch Morning

Morning brooch

Brooch cat Paolina

Cat Paolina brooch

Brooches Angel

Angel brooch