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Sarah Coventry costume jewelry

Sarah Coventry costume jewelry

Golden apple. Sarah Coventry costume jewelry

Produced during two main periods 1949 – 1984, and 2000 – present, Sarah Coventry costume jewelry includes “SC”, “Sarah Cov.”, “Sarah”, “SaC”, and “Coventry”. Meanwhile, the company’s founder, Lyman K. Stuart named it in honor of his granddaughter Sarah. Noteworthy, established in 1949 jewellery company Sarah Coventry is the recognized oldest direct selling jewelry company in the world. In addition, the second jewelry company “Emmons”, no less famous than the brand Sarah Coventry, also belonged to Lyman K. Stuart. In fact, he named it in honor of his wife Caroline Emmons. However, instead of being engaged in design and manufacture, both companies appealed to other companies. Personal representatives sold decorations exclusively through so-called home sales. Sarah Coventry also offered ​​jewelry for men: tie pins and cufflinks. Already in 1960 -1970s Coventry jewelry prices were comparable to Trifari and Coro. Unfortunately, in 1981, Stewart filed for bankruptcy. And in the mid-1980s, a Canadian company bought Coventry.

Vintage Brooch 'Daisy Time' Sarah Coventry released in 1972

Vintage Brooch ‘Daisy Time’ Sarah Coventry costume jewelry, 1972

Noteworthy, never sold in stores, Sarah Coventry costume jewelry was promoted only at the special “fashion” parties organized by the representatives of the brand. The company gave a lifetime warranty on their jewelry, while the owner had to just pay the postage.

In addition, Sarah Coventry marks include: “SC”, “Sarah Cov.”, “Sarah”, “SaC”, and “Coventry”, but a copyright symbol not always accompanied the mark.

Sarah Coventry costume jewelry

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