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Russian style Axenoff Jewellery

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Russian style Axenoff Jewellery. Brooch 'Anna Pavlova' Silver 925, enamel, blue topazes, amethysts

Russian style Axenoff Jewellery. Brooch ‘Anna Pavlova’ Silver 925, enamel, blue topazes, amethysts

Russian style Axenoff Jewellery

Designer Peter Axenoff – the artist and collector of Russian icons. Born in the family of the photographer and icon painter, Peter was immersed in a rich artistic world from an early age and began exploring painting, architecture, ballet, theater and historical costumes. Over time, the creative energy and knowledge enabled him to realize his passions with the help of jewelry and develop his own brand.
According to Pyotr Axenoff, he finds inspiration in Bryullov, Vrubel, Mucha, Waterhouse and Rossetti. Also, concerts by Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saens and Bizet, the novels of Tolstoy and Pushkin. Among the many sources of inspiration a special place in his heart takes Diaghilev Russian Seasons.

Russian style Axenoff Jewellery advertising campaign. Vogue Russia August 2013

Vogue Russia August 2013

Bright stage scenery and spectacular costumes of Anna Pavlova, Ida Rubinstein and Nijinsky are the reference for the designer. Traditionally, the jeweler uses silver and semi-precious stones: topaz, onyx, moonstone, lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet and agate. Also, more expensive materials: platinum, gold, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

Brooch Rye - silver, topaz

Rye Brooch. Silver, topaz

Noteworthy, Pyotr Axenoff created decorations for the screen, devoted to the Romanov dynasty in the ballet film “Matilda,” directed by Alexei Uchitel. Also, decorations for the new series based on the “War and Peace” by Tolstoy for British broadcaster BBC.

Russian style Axenoff Jewellery

Brooch 'Saint Basil'. Silver, garnets, citrines, tsavorite, topaz, rubellites, pearls

Brooch ‘Saint Basil’. Silver, garnets, citrines, tsavorite, topaz, rubellites, pearls

Peter Axenoff creates jewelry that might belong to the great women of the past: the princesses, movie divas, prima ballerinas. Pearl tiara Austrian Princess Sissi could decorate her hair on the wedding day, a fantastic brooch Swan Anna Pavlova could be pinned to the mantle, and a fabulous chandelier earrings could wear actress Sarah Bernhardt at the premiere party. Inspired by the beauty of bygone eras, Axenoff creates a truly outstanding jewelry that is popular both – among modern fashionable young people and lovers of antiquity.

Brooch Samovar

Samovar brooch

Russian style Axenoff Jewellery

Scheherazade brooch. Silver, Tsavorites, Sapphires, Pearls

Axenoff Jewellery

Vorontsova-Dashkova brooch. Silver, tsavorites, rhodolites, enamel

Crown 'Dagmar'. silver 925, garnets, black spinel. Russian style Axenoff Jewellery

‘Dagmar’ crown. silver 925, garnets, black spinel

Cuff-links 'Crowns'. silver, Amethysts

Cuff-links ‘Crowns’. silver, Amethysts

Cuff-links 'Eagles'. silver 925, chalcedony, black spinel

Eagles cuff-links. 925 silver, chalcedony, black spinel

Earrings 'Bullfinches', silver, amethysts, blue topazes, enamel

Bullfinch earrings. Silver, amethysts, blue topazes, enamel

Earrings 'Eye Guardian'. Silver, agate, topazes. Jeweler Petr Axenoff

Eye Guardian earrings. Silver, agate, topazes. Jeweler Petr Axenoff

Earrings 'Griffins'. Silver 925, blue spinel, sapphires

‘Griffins’ Earrings. Silver 925, blue spinel, sapphires

Earrings Matryoshka, silver, enamel, garnets

Matryoshka earrings. Silver, enamel, garnets

Earrings 'Princess Tamara', silver, Charoite, Amethyst

‘Princess Tamara’ earrings, silver, Charoite, Amethyst

Jeweler Petr Axenoff

‘Radmila’ earrings. Silver, pearls, citrine, garnets, sapphires, amethysts. Jeweler Petr Axenoff

Earrings Sofia. Silver 925, pearls, sapphires, citrines, garnets, amethysts. Jeweler Petr Axenoff

Sofia earrings. Silver 925, pearls, sapphires, citrines, garnets, amethysts

Russian style Axenoff Jewellery

Solovushka earrings. 925 Silver, sapphires, enamel

Earrings The Nutcracker. Silver 925, enamel, garnets, sapphires. Jeweler Petr Axenoff

The Nutcracker earrings. 925 Silver, enamel, garnets, sapphires

Medallion Anna Akhmatova, silver, enamel, white topaz

Anna Akhmatova Medallion. Silver, enamel, white topaz

Pendant Angel and Pigeon, silver, blue spinels, topazes, enamel

Angel and Pigeon Pendant. Silver, blue spinels, topazes, enamel

Peter Axenoff jewellery

Jewellery ad

Ring 'Elizaveta Feodorovna', gold, sapphires, amethysts

Elizaveta Feodorovna ring. Gold, sapphires, amethysts

Ring 'Royal Cap', Silver, Garnet, Pearl

Royal Cap ring. Silver, Garnet, Pearl

Russian style Axenoff Jewellery

Russian style jewellery

Russian style Axenoff Jewellery

Crown and Earrings