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Russian Luxury Moiseikin jewellery art

Exquisite pendant, created in the image of the crown of the Russian Empire

Exquisite pendant, created in the image of the crown of the Russian Empire. Russian Luxury Moiseikin jewellery art

Russian Luxury Moiseikin jewellery art
The history of Moiseikin jewellery began in 1993, when in Yekaterinburg appeared the jewellery shop. Initially, the founder of jewellery house Victor Moiseikin wanted to renew the Urals tradition of the famous Russian jewelry companies. Victor Moiseikin found talented jewelers, sculptors and stone-cutters. Staff and head of the company studied in detail the history of jewelry art in Russia. They thoroughly researched rare archival materials, including ancient sketches of such companies as Karl Bohlin, Carl Faberge and other pillars of the jewelry industry. Masters of the company “Moiseikin” adopted all the best from the great Russian jewelers. They also constantly monitored the trends of fashion jewelry, modern cultural preferences and major design trends. Due to this, as well as experience in the processing of precious stones and metals, stone-cutters and artists made it possible. In addition, they managed to continue the luxury and splendor of the Russian school of jewelry.

Unique Watch Cornucopia

Precious clock Cornucopia

In addition to jewellery decorations, “Moiseikin” creates precious stone-cutting compositions, delicate floral miniatures, original silver and bronze sculptures, and souvenirs. These pieces of jewelry are united by a common idea – to sing the joy of life, to convey a sincere admiration of the world and give vivid emotions. “Cornucopia” combines three kinds of art: jewellery, stone cutting and clock-making. Although deservedly should be mentioned the fourth – engineering. This is indeed an art – the ability to find a stable position of the asymmetrical bowl on the vertical leg.

The clocks, valued at $ 1.9 million, in the form of a pedestal made of jade and decorated with gold and precious stones. The basis of this masterpiece – pearl shell of Nautilus from the Indian Ocean. The shell decorated with vines and grapes, two luxury orchids and hummingbirds hovering over them.
For the production of the grape used Brazilian amethyst of unusual purple color. The leaves with gold “veins”, made of emerald jade, and a little hummingbird with luxurious orchids decorate the vase of garnet and pearls. The goldsmith Lyudmila Matveeva decorated wings of birds with colorless diamonds. In total, for Cornucopia jewelers used 4144 diamonds, total weight of about 30 carats.

One of the features of works of Jewelry House “Moiseikin” – an unusual mount of gems “spikes up.” The jewelers use sapphires and emeralds, amethysts and citrines, topaz, zircons, and natural sea pearls of different shades and colors. The works of Jewelry house Moiseikin are in the collection of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Prince Michael of Kent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the famous designer Paco Rabanne, opera singer Elena Obraztsova, French actress Catherine Deneuve, and others.

According to Victor Moiseikin, he does not make jewelry, because it is – a set of metal and stones. He creates jewelry. They make the world a brighter place. And they make woman a lady.

Russian Luxury Moiseikin jewellery art