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Russian Jewellery brand Peraskeva

Russian Jewellery brand Peraskeva

Birds. Gold Brooch. Opal, rubies, sapphires. Russian Jewellery brand Peraskeva

Russian Jewellery brand Peraskeva

Jewelry designer Larisa Galeeva – director and owner of “Zolotse” jewelry factory. According to her, she called the brand “Paraskeva” in honor of one of her great-grandmothers. Initially, it was a beautiful filigree ring in Russian style made of pink quartz and a lemon-yellow gold. The ring turned to be the most beautiful among other three rings, named also in honor of her grandmothers – Klavdia, Peraskeva and Ustinya. This is the story of the brand name. And now a special value of the Peraskeva jewelry brand is based on two main traditions – jewelry craftsmanship and family traditions. The face of the brand has become a sister of Larisa – Julia.
“In our family all women have similar appearance, like nesting dolls, so the face of our company has become my sister Julia, I think that in her youth Peraskeva looked exactly the same.”

Brooch 'Speckled Hen'. Yellow gold (585), pearl, colored sapphires

Brooch ‘Speckled Hen’. Yellow gold (585), pearl, colored sapphires

Jewelry made by hand in several copies, and sometimes in the unit, have some inexplicable magic. Izhevsk based Jewelry brand «Peraskeva» enters the category of those producers who are able to hit with both – design and craftsmanship. The company created in 2007 for just 1 year has achieved incredible success. Among their awards – Medal of Carl Faberge, for example, and numerous awards, saying that this or that product from «Peraskeva» has an artistic value.

“My great-grandmother was a long-liver, and raised many children. I hope that my company will also live long and will create many beautiful products … ”

By the way, Holy Peraskeva is considered a defender of girls and women. She helps with childbirth, protector of marriage and the home. Jewelry, endowed with the magic name «PERASKEVA», able to preserve the best feelings and be the beginning of good family traditions.

Russian Jewellery brand Peraskeva