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Ralph DeRosa costume jewelry

Flower enameled thistle brooch with clear and purple tiny rhinestones, light enamel wear

Enameled thistle brooch with clear and purple tiny rhinestones, light enamel wear. Ralph DeRosa costume jewelry

History of Ralph DeRosa costume jewelry, exceptional in quality and design, began in sunny Naples, Italy in 1884. Inherited the family business, Ralph de Rosa, a hereditary jeweler successfully conducted his business until 1905. As a man who wanted to significantly expand his own horizons, in the beginning of the last century, he left for America – “the land of opportunities”. Despite all the difficulties awaiting immigrant started from scratch. He founded the company under his own name already in 1934 – the Ralph DeRosa Company. The next year, already in 1935, the first collection of the master – “Meeting in Venice” saw the light. The collection was dedicated to one of the most subtle, complex, romantic Crafts – Venetian lace.

Flower enameled thistle brooch illustration

Flower enameled thistle brooch illustration

Despite all the technology allows the lace on an industrial scale, the best designer of the world is going for hand-made lace – magical and nothing on similar.

Over the next 7 years, until the death of the romantic jeweler, Ralph DeRosa repeatedly returns to the subject of the Venetian lace – complicating the work, achieving great effects, bringing to perfection and flawless performance. When Ralph DeRosa died in the early 1940s, his wife and his daughters continued to run the company. DeRosa manufactured jewelry for many companies including Elsa Schiaparelli.

These ornaments in nature can not be called jewelry – fine jewelry is raised to the level of perfection. DeRosa jewelry is not easy to find. This firm made jewelry in New York City from the mid-1930’s until the 1970’s, but their 1940’s jewelry is the best.

Making De Rosa Jewelry began from hand painted illustrations by the Company’s several different artists and designers. The collection of over 500 illustrations dated in the 1940’s, many included hand written instructions how each piece would be produced. These illustrations illuminate the thought processes and design sense that turned into the jewelry itself.

Ralph DeRosa jewelry – heavy floral brooches with rhinestones and or enameling. Combinations of simulated pearls and rhinestones. Unusual designs and choice of stones. Sterling vermeil. Founded by Ralph DeRosa, the company was based in New York, NY from 1934 – 1970. Their sterling pieces were made during WWII from 1942 until around 1949.

Ralph DeRosa costume jewelry

Vintage jewellery catalog, 2014