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Norwegian Art Nouveau – Marius Hammer jewelry

Norwegian Art Nouveau - Marius Hammer jewelry

Pansy Flower brooch. Silver, gilding, central decorative oval – guilloche enamel. 3.5 cm. Late XIX century. Norwegian Art Nouveau – Marius Hammer jewelry

Norwegian Art Nouveau – Marius Hammer jewelry
Marius Hammer was one of the rather famous masters of the Scandinavian Art Nouveau. He lived in Bergen and belonged to a family of hereditary Norwegian jewelers, many generations of which have preserved the traditions of northern goldsmithing. However, Marius himself, whose life years (1847 – 1927) occurred in a turbulently innovative period in decorative and applied art, experimented with traditional and new styles. Terefore, his decorations have a unique author’s look. This is undoubtedly modern, but the Hammer style is radically different from the typical Scandinavian modern style, with its simple lines and cool range of enamels. Marius Hummer usually filled the simple and symmetrical outer contour of the frame with filigree and additional decorative elements.
In his jewelry, he used the motifs of traditional Viking ornaments, but creatively transformed them, and, at the same time, managed to preserve the harmony of the ornament in his transformations. Undoubtedly, this testifies the master’s great talent and impressive knowledge in jewelry.

Marius Hammer jewelry

Late 19th century enameled brooch-pendant. Marius Hammer jewelry

Hammer’s company was very successful during his lifetime. However, like any business dependent on individual talent, the company was unable to continue its activities after the death of its founder. Marius Hummer’s decorations are quite rare, these are designer antiques and quite unusual for Scandinavian modernity.

Norwegian Art Nouveau – Marius Hammer jewelry