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New vintage – Premier Designs costume jewelry

New vintage - Premier Designs costume jewelry

Cancer Zodiac sign pendant of silver tone. New vintage – Premier Designs costume jewelry

New vintage – Premier Designs costume jewelry
Originally, the couple Joan and Andy Horner founded their company in 1985 as a family business. However, the success of the first collections was so overwhelming that the production had to be urgently expanded. The popularity of Premier Designs grew rapidly and quickly expanded beyond America.
The success became possible thanks to the correctly chosen style, designed in the spirit of classic costume jewelery of the middle of the last century. Also, due to high quality of its decorations and well-thought-out marketing policy. Besides, active lifestyle of company founders who actively participated in many charity projects, added to the success. Noteworthy, Premier Designs stamp entered many reference books of American antique and vintage costume jewelry.

Premier Designs costume jewelry

Celestial girl silver and gold tone brooch. Premier Designs costume jewelry

The original, but delicate compilation of jewelry techniques from different eras, an appeal to the history distinguishes the brand. Premier Designs jewelry stands on the same line as well-known costume jewelry brands and undoubtedly, interests vintage connoisseurs.

Marked with initials PD

Marked with crown, wreath and initials PD

Right now, Premier Designs jewelery is rapidly turning into vintage status, becoming a subject for collecting, and gradually growing in value. However, sensual expressive Premier Design jewelry decorations will not be in the jewelry box. Any of them can organically fit into many modern images, complementing them and giving them a bit of vintage chic.

New vintage – Premier Designs costume jewelry