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New vintage – Laurel Burch costume jewelry

Laurel Burch costume jewelry

“Sea Goddess” signed enameled pin brooch of gold tone. Laurel Burch costume jewelry

New vintage – Laurel Burch costume jewelry
Born in 1945, talented designer Laurel Burch had to leave her native town in California and move to San Francisco at the age of 14. Already six years later, remaining after an unsuccessful marriage with two children in her arms, she had to survive. Laurel finds a way out – she begins to make jewelry that sells on the streets of the city.
Fortunately, the works of Laurel were so unusually beautiful that pedestrians on the streets and friends began to buy these decorations for themselves. So begins the phenomenon of Laurel Burch. Self-taught artist, Laurel herself said: “In our rapidly changing world, we must have something that reminds us of our souls.”
Traditionally, her works combine in themselves different cultures, cosmic connection with earthly things. And even with severe pains, when she could not even rise from the bed, she continued to create … to create beauty, to transform earthly things into magical images. In 2007, Laurel died due to a complication of her illness. But her work remained forever to inspire our souls.

New vintage - Laurel Burch costume jewelry

‘Keshire Cat’ signed black cat enameled brooch of gold tone. New vintage – Laurel Burch costume jewelry

Noteworthy, most of her bright and original works are made in the Cloisonne enamel technique, which she studied in China. In addition, creating most of her decorations, she applied gilding and labeled them with her name – Laurel Burch.

Signature Laurel Burch

Signature Laurel Burch

Laurel Burch jewelry combines elements of different cultures, and has a special charm. These decorations are recognizable, amazing, original and cheerful. Very quickly, the images of hundreds of bizarre animals brought her popularity across America, as well as worldwide.

Signed Laurel Burch costume jewelry