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Natasha Wood Silver jewellery

Girl in the wind, Natasha Wood Silver jewellery

Girl in the wind. Pendant. Natasha Wood Silver jewellery

Natasha Wood Silver jewellery

Silver is known to people since ancient times. Even the ancient Egyptians produced jewelry of this metal. The first silver mines were founded by the Phoenicians before our era in Spain, Corsica and Cyprus. Silver Jewelry was valuable, because it was delivered from afar and sold at fantastic prices. To date, silver has lost the status of the most expensive metal, but its nobility is still undoubted. Natasha Wood Silver jewellery can interest both – jewellery lovers and just aesthetes, connoisseurs of the unusual. Silver jewellery by Natasha Wood has a sense of freedom, romantic and is often influenced by nature. She uses to combine silver and gold with precious stones, as well as unconventional mediums, from porcelain to wood, and from diamonds to pebbles.

Round ring

Round disc protea ring, South Africa’s national flower. Natasha Wood Silver jewellery

Natasha Wood works in her studio in Cape town, trying to create jewellery that is different, beautiful and special for the wearer. She loves to cast natural objects like seed pods into silver by using the lost wax casting method. Beautiful South African jeweler Natasha Lindsey Wood is fond of vintage jewellery, and by remodeling, gives it a new life.

Natasha Wood Silver jewellery