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Moonstone kaleidoscope. Natalie Wool-Art Moon stone bracelet

Natalie Wool-Art Moon stone bracelet. Moonstone kaleidoscope

Moonstone kaleidoscope
Since ancient times, people used moonstone to attract love. Therefore, people suffering from loneliness should wear brooches with this mineral on the left side. The stone not only attracts love, but it evokes a high sense of its owner.
Called ‘adularia’ or ‘Selenites’, moonstone is a natural gemstone. French jeweler Rene Lalique used this gem in his «Art Nouveau» pieces, which today decorate museums and private collections. Buying moonstone one may experience great differences in prices which depends on the intensity of the color, size and transparency of the stone. Excellent blue moonstones have an incredible three-dimensional color depth, distinguishable by the rotation of the stone. Such instances are highly prized by collectors because of their rarity and therefore expensive. Multicolor Indian moonstones are generally cheaper than classical blue moonstones, so that everyone can choose a stone corresponding taste and budget.

Necklace of moonstone Katrin_Vo Jewelry

Necklace of moonstone Katrin_Vo Jewelry

In India, moonstone is called dzhandarakand, which means “moonshine.” It can be milky white, purple, or if illumined by inner golden shimmer. There are moonstones with stellate patterns or with the effect of “cat’s eye”, but such instances are rare.

Pavel Nezhadny jewellry. Moonstone necklace

Pavel Nezhadny necklace

Worn on the left hand ring with moonstone corrects a person’s feelings, helps to avoid conflicts, making him more tolerant and merciful. Ring on his right hand helps to relax completely, awakens the imagination and creative impulses. Besides, moonstone helps uncover unconscious and hidden abilities and talents. Noteworthy, Moonstone is better to use as a mascot for people with skills associated with art.

Moonstone kaleidoscope

In many cultures, the healing properties of moonstone describe approximately the same. According to belief, this mineral is able to protect its owner from negative influence of the moon. The gem, or a small fragment of it is recommended to wear closer to the body, especially for people who suffer from epilepsy.

Also, the stone protects dream of its owner, from nightmares, insomnia and other long-term sleep disorders. Moonstone saves a person from negative emotions, reduces the severity of temper tantrums and aggression.
According to Lithotherapy specialists, the mineral has beneficial effects on the state of the genitourinary system. It eliminates the enuresis and kidney stones. Adjusting the feelings and emotions in a person, it reduces the overall level of aggression, helps to resolve disputes and always find a compromise.

Silver earrings with moonstone (adularia)

Silver earrings with adularia

Moonstone pendant by Irina

Pendant by Irina

Moonstone Pendant Tree of Happiness

Tree of Happiness pendant


Natural Moonstone

Moonstone kaleidoscope

Earrings. Jeweller Olga Mironova Brilliantik

Moonstone kaleidoscope

Full Moon Pendant (Moonstone Belomoro)

Moonstone kaleidoscope

Selenites jewelry

Moonstone kaleidoscope

Natural gem

Moonstone kaleidoscope

Bracelet and earrings by Natalia Kulagina (nskulagina)

Moonstone kaleidoscope

Beautiful bracelet by master Moon cat

Moonstone kaleidoscope

Bracelet by Tatiana (TainaTin-Stone)

Moonstone earrings by STONESVA

Earrings by STONESVA

Moonstone flower. Jewellery shop by Branch of cherry (Sakurashop)

Flower brooch. Jewellery shop by Branch of cherry (Sakurashop)

Moonstone in silver. Jeweller InGо

Silver ring. Jeweller InGо

Moonstone in silver. Jeweller svalehouse

Flower ring. Jeweller svalehouse

Moonstone Jewellery by iolita (Julia Kramareva)

Jewellery by iolita (Julia Kramareva)

Moonstone Lilly by lusia-LAZURELLI

Lilly earrings by lusia-LAZURELLI

Moonstone necklace by ELvirEL

Necklace by ELvirEL