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Louis Kramer exquisite costume jewelry

Louis Kramer exquisite costume jewelry

Rhinestone and Enamel Brooch and Earrings. Louis Kramer exquisite costume jewelry

Louis Kramer exquisite costume jewelry
Founded by designer Louis Kramer and his two brothers Morris and Henry in 1943 in New York, Kramer Jewelery Creations continued production until the late 1970s. Noteworthy, from the very beginning of production, this brand’s jewelry has been a great success among buyers due to original designs and excellent performance. Kramer jewelry was a high class, with scrupulous performance and often very interesting design. In addition, the products had limited circulation and the best materials. Bright stylish ornaments demonstrate the high quality of sparkling Austrian crystals of rock crystal, both transparent and colored. Also, traditional materials of Kramer jewelry – gilded metal with black enamel, artificial pearls, imitation of rubies, emeralds, lapis lazuli, jade, turquoise and pearls.
As a result, in the early 1950s the company produced ornaments for Christian Dior. Accordingly, this says a lot about the quality of jewelry production company. They labeled these products “Kramer for Christian Dior” and “Dior by Kramer”. A distinctive feature of these decorations are large blue or green stones, usually located in the middle of the jewelry work, surrounded by clear transparent rhinestones. Noteworthy, this costume jewelry was more expensive than the rest of the products of Kramer. High price in this case was due to the loud name of Dior in the title of the series.

Louis Kramer exquisite costume jewelry

Vintage ags. Louis Kramer exquisite costume jewelry

Traditionally, the company created jewelry in a different price range. Expensive products had stamps, and cheap ones – often only a tag with the name of the company. Besides, Kramer brothers experimented a lot with the form. In their collections you can find both simple decorations and extremely extravagant ones. One thing always remained unchanged: the quality of the materials used.

Few people know, but in the beginning of its existence, Kramer made jewelry for the jewelry houses DeLizza and Elster, and Dan Kasoff Inc., which produces Florenza jewelry.

Another interesting series “Amourelle” (“Love is …”) appeared in 1963. The author of designs was Frank Hess, who before this happy moment worked for Miriam Haskell. Hess labeled his products simply – Amourelle © or a heart in which the word Amourelle with a copyright sign was inscribed “by hand”.

September 8, 1948 Kramer patented the trademark “The Diamond Look”. And then under this name came a collection of jewelry from the “silver” alloy, strewn with transparent and colored rhinestones. January 5, 1955, Kramer received the right to stamp The Golden Look. Jewelery from this series shone with “gold.”

Unfortunately for collectors, decorations of this line did not always had marks. Instead, they had paper labels with hand-drawn names of the series. Since 1943 Kramer Jewelry Creations has used the Kramer brand, in 1948 the KRAMER PAT.PEND marking appeared.

Having settled on the 5th Avenue, the firm has started to use the mark “KRAMER OF N.Y.”, “KRAMER OF NEW YORK” and “KRAMER NEW YORK”. And since September 1962 for some “pearl” jewelry used marking Perles de Lune.

Nowadays, the most extravagant works, especially sets, are a collector’s dream. And any other jewelry by the Kramer company have a high collection value.

Louis Kramer exquisite costume jewelry

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