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Lisner refined jewellery

Lisner refined jewellery

Abstract brooch, silver tone metal, rhinestones. Lisner refined jewellery

Lisner refined jewellery
When David Lisner(born in Germany in 1846) was 18 years old, his family emigrated to New York. David’s brothers, cousins ​​and other family members founded the company D.Lisner Co. All products, including jewelry they imported from Europe. They first used the name Listner for their jewelry brand in 1935. Because of World War II the cooperation with Europe stopped, and many companies closed their offices in Europe, including Lisner.
And already in 1950s Lisner launched mass production of their costume jewelry, the quality of which was from very good to above average. Noteworthy, in 1970s Lisner bought the “Richelieu” company and, accordingly, changed the name to Lisner-Richelieu.
The company ceased to exist in 1985. Jewelry by Lisner is in high demand among jewelry lovers and collectors. Traditionally, Lisner jewellery includes abstract geometric shapes, leaves, fruit and flowers.

Lisner, vintage brooch Lace Leaf

Lace leaf brooch, Lisner refined jewellery

Until about the mid-30s of the last century the Lisner family imported high-quality jewelery from Europe, being a major distributor in the sale of Elsa Schiaparelli American jewelry. Also, the company was selling jewelry from the brand Lanvin Violet. During the Second World War, many American companies have faced the problem of inability to import jewelry from Europe. However, that pushed them to the discovery of their own production facilities in America. And Lisner also opens the production in Providence, with part of the decorations for the company made by other manufacturers.

Vintage brooch Peacock by Lisner

Peacock brooch, vintage, jewelry alloy, rhinestones, pink cabochons. Lisner refined jewellery

In fact, Lisner produced not only jewelry. Thus, in the 1930s, they released perfume line Prince Matchabelli. The company began producing its own line of jewelry mainly in 1950 – 60s, using chrome and gilded frames, links and fasteners, as well as rock crystal.

Lisner jewelers began marking their products after 1935 in block letters, since 1938 – in capital letters, and in 1959 – “L” became the title. Currently, Jones Apparel Group (along with Anne Klein, Gloria Vanderbild, Givenchy) own LISNER trademark.

Lisner refined jewellery

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