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Lawrence Vrba jewellery

Lawrence Vrba jewellery. Volume vintage brooch in the form of a beetle Larry Vrba

Volume vintage brooch in the form of a beetle. Lawrence Vrba jewellery

Lawrence Vrba jewellery
Traditionally, vintage jewelry created by Larry Vrba is highly prized among collectors and lovers of fine jewelry. The concept of «costume jewelry» introduced at the time Coco Chanel – the queen of European fashion. But overseas it was Miriam Haskell, who marked the beginning of a whole movement of costume jewelry. Habits of top class ladies to give preference only to expensive jewellery has remained the past, modern jewellery and fashion skills come to a new stage, especially during the Great Depression, costume jewellery becomes more valuable than the materials from which it was created. Plastic replaces glass, silver – gold and precious metals, wood, coral and shells are gaining popularity. A new round of life started in the company of Miriam Haskell, after in 1970s a leading designer has become an ardent admirer of Haskell – Lawrence Vrba.

Larry Vrba bracelet

Buddhist motif bracelet. Lawrence Vrba jewellery

Taken as assistant designer, he collected and prepared crystals for jewelry, and a few months in charge of the style of the company – continued the tradition of Miriam. And in 1981, at the peak of the popularity of the brand, he left the company to begin his own business. Lawrence Vrba developed amazing, not constrained by the scope of anyone’s identity brand design, which has been at the peak of popularity for more than 30 years.

Brooch Dragonfly by Lawrence VRBA

Dragonfly brooch. Lawrence Vrba jewellery

Works by Vrba are very theatrical. Typically, these are large, sculptural decorations of very high quality, instantly giving every model a majestic and luxurious look. The major buyers of products «Lawrence Vrba» included not only the major boutiques and vintage shops, but also Broadway Theater and the Metropolitan Opera for performances, for which designer created unique necklaces and tiaras.

Brooch Golden Heart

Golden Heart brooch. Lawrence Vrba jewellery

Each piece – created by hand, so it is unique and not so easy to find. In his collections are many vintage beads and necklaces, from which he created his new products. Lawrence’s favorite tune for many years remain the brooch in the form of crystal flowers, vases and baskets of flowers and Christmas trees …. Massive, bright, almost shouting brooch easily replaces all other jewelry. Products are self-sufficient, they can not just complement monochromatic outfit – they literally require deep color expensive fabric or fur and high heels, giving every woman the opportunity to experience the aftertaste of applause after a brilliant debut at the Broadway stage …

The entire collection of Indian jewelry in the style of pre-Columbian was released 1972-73s, about what was said in the advertisement of the New York Times. Vrba received thank you note in the newspaper, as a respect for the history of the American people. Company Sastlecliff worked in the jewelry market about 60 years (1918-1977). Its products are sold in the best stores of the country.

Lawrence Vrba jewellery

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