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Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewellery

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Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewellery

Audrey Hepburn wearing legendary necklace of cultured pearls. Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewellery

Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewellery
The history of a legendary American brand began in 1963. Born in 1932 in Detroit, Kenneth Jay Lane studied in New York at the School of Design in Road Island. He worked as an art director in «Vogue» and was an assistant to the famous French shoemaker Roger Vivier for the American company “Delman.” In 1956-1963 Lane worked in Paris for shoe line “Dior”, and in 1963 he opened the company for the production of original jewelry and exclusive shoes for special occasions.

Noteworthy, one of the first and perhaps the most prominent connoisseurs of the brand was Jacqueline Kennedy. One day Jacqueline Kennedy asked Lane to create a copy of a precious necklace that Aristotle Onassis had given her. By the way, the necklace of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis of emeralds and sapphires, was sold at the department store “Saks Fifth Avenue” for $ 250. Since then, the creator of the KJL brand became known as the “king of counterfeiting and imitation of jewelry.”

Also, his jewelry appeared in such iconic films, as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Dallas”, “Dynasty”, and “Sex and the City”.

Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewellery

Legendary necklace of cultured pearls. Audrey

Lane offered his clients copies of ornaments of known firms – Bulgari and Cartier, Roman medallions and coins and so on. Exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, his pieces received the highest praise in the world of American fashion.

The story of his career – a typical embodiment of the “American dream”, starting with the moment when the ambitious twenty-year-old shoe designer was invited to the branch of the fashion house Dior. In fact, in the early 60s three largest store in Manhattan went on a risky step and bought jewelry made by unknown to anyone designer. The risk was in the collection itself: too unusual and too cheap … for Manhattan elite materials. Instead of gold – gold plating, instead of precious metals – the insertion of plastic … much, and many cultured pearls! An unusual collection “Midnight”, because Lane was working day and night in the “Dior”, and created his decorations mostly at night.

Jacqueline Kennedy in KJL jewellery

Jacqueline Kennedy wearing KJL jewellery

After his debut in Manhattan, Lane quickly gained the love of wealthy New York ladies. However, a truly royal glory brought him orders from the two “queens” – Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. For Audrey Lane made the legendary necklace of cultured pearls, familiar to anyone who watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewellery

Princess Diana KJL necklace

Princess Diana KJL necklace

By the way, in 1980s, with a similar request – to make copies of expensive jewelry, so to safely wear it at meetings with the public, turned another “Queen”. This time it was the Queen of people’s hearts – Princess Diana.

Despite his advanced age (83), the King to this day continues to delight fans with new collections, catchy and provocative. Among the regular clients of Lane – Sarah Jessica Parker, the Olsen sisters, Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Meryl Streep, and Angelina Jolie.
Lane himself says that “any woman can look glamorous in a set of jewellery … unless, of course, it is the right jewelry.” By the way, nearly all products labeled KJL are 22-karat gold-plated, with the use of rhinestones, once glorified Lane still in the “Dior”.

The massive and luxurious jewelry by KJL is out of time and seasons, and it becomes neither old-fashioned nor non-wearable. Such things, despite the lack of precious stones and metals is for the collection and worth to be inherited.

Character from Alice in Wonderland Humpty Dumpty

Alice in Wonderland Humpty Dumpty

Taking into account the cost of materials and a big name of the author, all Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry belongs to the category of luxury. In addition, all products are marked, which automatically increases their collector’s value. Special interest collectors show to the products that the King himself has posted on the pages of his best-selling book “Faking it!”. For example, page 85 features the famous character from “Alice in Wonderland” Humpty Dumpty.



Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewellery

K.J.L. Maker's mark

Maker’s mark

If you are the happy owner of jewelry from Kenneth Jay Lane, to determine its approximate age can be easily done according to the type of marking:

– K.J.L. – Marking with unsigned copyright, used from 1962 to the end of the 70s, including marked the very first, “midnight” collection.

Maker's mark

Maker’s mark

– KENNETH LANE or KENNETH © LANE – 1960 – 1970s, exclusive marking for jewelry sold in the “Sax” on Fifth Avenue.

– K.J.L. for AVON or KENNETH LANE for AVON – from 1980 to 2004. Labeled as decoration, ordered from Kenneth Jay Lane’s company Avon. This title can be found on the Avon’s box and velvet boxes.

– KENNETH JAY LANE or KENNETH LANE – 1980 – 90s, marking for products sold in the company store KJL.

– © KJL – marking, used exclusively for the company QVC during the period of the brand KJL.

Faking it

Faking it

Crown brooch Collectible vintage. KJL

Vintage crown brooch

Collectible vintage brooch Crown from the company KJL

Crown brooch

Bassist brooch from KJL

Bassist brooch

Apple Collectible vintage brooch, KJL

Apple brooch

Beautiful necklace by American jewelry designer Kenneth Jay Lane (KJL)


Star brooch Collectible vintage, KJL

Star brooch

American jewelry designer Kenneth Jay Lane (KJL)

Legendary designer K.J. Lane

Exquisite Butterfly Brooch by KJL

Exquisite Butterfly Brooch

Vintage KJL Butterfly Brooch

Butterfly Brooch

KJL Butterfly Vintage Brooch

Yellow stone Butterfly brooch

‘Octopus’ KJL Rare Vintage Brooch

‘Octopus’ Brooch

Wonderful Butterfly Brooch, KJL Vintage

Butterfly Brooch

Snake KJL Vintage Brooch

Snake brooch

Seashell, 1960s Rare vintage brooch by KJL

Seashell brooch. 1960s

Stunning vintage brooch Star from the company KJL

Star brooch


‘Encantada’ brooch

Made on the order of Avon Vintage brooch in the form of a crown. Kenneth Jay Lane

Galina Karputina collection. Crown brooch for Avon

How to wear brooches – Vintage KJL necklace tells us a great solution

How to wear brooches, great solution

Kenneth Jay Lane

Sunflower brooch

Tree of Life Collectible vintage brooch. Kenneth Jay Lane

Tree of Life brooch

Beetle Gorgeous vintage brooch. Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewellery

Beetle brooch

Beetle Gorgeous vintage brooch. Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewellery

Turquoise brooch

Kenneth Jay Lane

Center – Kenneth Lane

A bracelet. Metal, gilding, artificial amber, jet. 1980, w 8.25 cm. £ 265-300

A bracelet. Metal, gilding, faux amber. 1980, w 8.25 cm. £ 265-300

A necklace with a pendant, the figure of a seated Buddha. Metal, gilding, artificial mother-of-pearl, emeralds, gagat, corals. 1980s. Diameter 62 cm, £ 100-115 JJ

Buddha necklace pendant. Gilding, mother-of-pearl, emeralds, corals. 1980s. D. 62 cm, £ 100-115 JJ

Dragon brooch. metal, gilding, enamel, artificial emerald, cabochons of the French jet rhinestones, rock crystal. The end of the 1960s. w 6,5 cm

Dragon brooch. Gilding, enamel, French jet rhinestones, rock crystal. 1960s. w 6,5 cm

Floral motif earrings. Metal, gilding, French jet, crystals of rock crystal. 1970s. length 2,5 cm

Floral motif earrings. Metal, gilding, rock crystal. 1970s. length 2,5 cm

Red Earrings. Gilding, pink cabochons, rhinestone, artificial turquoise. 1960's. d 2.5 cm. £ 115-130

Red Earrings. Gilding, rhinestone, faux turquoise. 1960’s. d 2.5 cm. £ 115-130

Set of brooch and earrings. Cabochons from Czech crystal, and rock crystal, 1960s. £ 630-665

Brooch and earrings. Czech crystal. 1960s. £ 630-665

Dog with a bow vintage brooch of gold alloy. Covered with texture. Decorated with rhinestones. 4.5 cm

Dog with a bow brooch. Gold tone, rhinestones. 4.5 cm

Shoe enameled brooch. Jewelry alloy, 4 cm

Shoe enameled brooch. 4 cm

Spaniel brooch. Vintage gold brooch. Covered with texture. Decorated with rhinestones. 4 cm

Spaniel brooch. Gold tone, rhinestones. 4 cm


Maker’s mark


Trademark since 1963