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Juliana Vintage jewellery

Juliana Vintage jewellery

Beautiful set of brooch and earrings. Crystals sparkle beautifully in the light. Juliana Vintage jewellery

Juliana Vintage jewellery
Presented by the company “Delizza & Elster” (abbreviated in catalogs D & E), Juliana appeared in about 1940s and lasted until 1990. Very quickly, the company has become a major manufacturer of costume jewelry in America, and signed contracts with 800 customers in the US and abroad.
Noteworthy, their customers were such famous brands as: Weiss, Alice Caviness, Ballet, Celebrity, Hobe, Hattie Carnegie, Kenneth J. Lane, Kramer, and Karu. In addition to the decorations, produced for wholesale customers, in 1953 the company released a line of jewelry that has become very popular to this day.
However, the masters didn’t mark this line despite the huge demand. And the explanation is simple – jewelry sold through major central stores of America, who wanted to see on the tags and labels only their names.

De Lizza & Elster (Juliana) set of Blue crown brooch and clips

Blue crown brooch and clips. Aurora Borealis crystals with pink and blue hues add shine. Rhodium-plated Brooch made in the form of crown, decorated with crystal flowers, the same repeated in the flower clips. Juliana Vintage jewellery

Apparently, it was quite an effort to conduct many negotiations and in 1967 it was decided to give the go-ahead for the creation of a name for this line of jewelry – “Juliana”. This name lasted a few years, and became a name very popular among collectors of vintage jewelry. Markings on the ornaments themselves are not found, but the name “Juliana” was written on a separate carton label, which is usually up to the present day has not been preserved.

Among collectors, there are disputes over whether to refer to a brand “Juliana” decorations that were made by “De Lizza & Elster” before, during and after the appearance of the name “Juliana”. Mr. De Lizza wanted his decorations to be known as “De Lizza & Elster”, but the name “Juliana” is a well-known and popular among collectors. By law, these ornaments are among the most popular on the market for vintage jewelry. Their cost can go up to several thousand dollars.

Many sellers – confused, and I hope not intentionally, and sell under the D & E literally everything that glitters. By the way, there have been cases when more rare and expensive jewelry (Chanel, Schiaparelli) sold as a jewelry D & E.

However, there are several features, which help distinguish the authenticity of these articles. But it’s a professional secret! And of course catalogs, and private collections kindly give us an opportunity to assert the authenticity of the jewelry. Meanwhile, still alive, Frank De Lizza (son of the founder) often inspects these collections.

De Lizza & Elster (Juliana) set of brooch and clips

Beautiful set of a flower brooch and clips made of deep blue crystal of Marquis cut. Juliana Vintage jewellery

These wonderful Austrian crystal stones coated with stunning Aurora Вorealis. The center of flower brooch – a large golden brown crystal. In the lower tier of brooch 3 rows of tightly adjacent to each other crystals having a slightly convex shape. The bottom row of brown rhinestones and the other two colors – citrine. The clips of the lower tier of the color of citrine crystals. The basis of this set of jewelry – gold-tone metal. Set of the ’60s of the last century, a great example of De Lizza & Elster jewelry company.

Juliana Vintage jewellery

jewelry catalog, 2004