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Jewellery designer Maria Brik

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Jewellery designer Maria Brik. The A grotesque brooch 'Girl with the Moon'

A grotesque brooch ‘Girl with the Moon’. Made in the author’s technique of cold porcelain, hand-painted with acrylic, natural mother of pearl inlay, art glass with gold leaf. Art work by jewellery designer Maria Brik

Jewellery designer Maria Brik
The author of this mysterious grotesque brooch is Maria Brik, jewellery designer, living in Israel – Judea and Samaria, Netanya. Before founding her own design studio in 2012, she had worked for almost ten years in the cinema. Today, she has been working in her studio “Murrmelad” (marmalade) for ten years, creating wearable jewelry art pieces.
According to Maria, she tries to create bright, positive, pleasant to the touch decorations, “as delicious as marmalade,” and only natural things. Their mission, according to the artist, to cheer up, turning life into marmalade. The artist makes ornaments by hand using natural stones and pearls.

Brooch 'Pierrot is sad' from the collection of 'Dreamers' by Israel based Jewellery designer Maria Brik.

‘Pierrot is sad’ brooch from the collection of ‘Dreamers’

“For me it’s real happiness, as an artist, when my work helps people to change themselves, their attitude, and gives the desire to reinvent in new guises. Probably because all the decorations I do for fun, they attract to me remarkable, and gifted people with a good taste. My jewelry always go only to special people, talented, beautiful, and, of course, with their own unique style”. Maria Brik.

Jewellery designer Maria Brik

Medallion on the ribbon 'enamored Faun'

Pendant on the ribbon ‘enamored Faun’

Necklace Black butterfly Morpheus

Black butterfly Morpheus beaded necklace from the collection of ‘Labyrinth of the Faun’

Magic Medallion – cameo on an old velvet, embroidered with thread made of rock crystal rhinestones – a central element of the medallion – black butterfly Morpheus handmade with gold sparkles on the wings, and pearls.

Fairy with golden wings. Jewellery designer Maria Brik

Fairy with golden wings. Made in the technique of cold porcelain

La Perla Luna necklace. Art painting. Inlay natural pearl, baroque pearls, glass with gilding

La Perla Luna necklace. Art painting. Inlay natural pearl, baroque pearls, glass with gilding

Jewellery designer Maria Brik phoenix la Russe

Phoenix la Russe handcrafted brooch

Brooch Hat of butterflies

Lady in butterfly hat oval brooch

Brooch March cat

March cat brooch

Brooch Phoenix La Perla

Phoenix La Perla brooch

Brooch Rose-gold dragonfly

Dragonfly brooch. Rose gold

Brooch Tiffany

Tiffany brooch

Feminine and unique brooch with fairy Nymph

Feminine and unique brooch with fairy Nymph

grotesque brooch 'Unicorn'

grotesque brooch ‘Unicorn’

Pretty necklace 'Girl and Spring Bunny'

Pretty necklace ‘Girl and Spring Bunny’

Queen on butterflies, unique necklace by Maria Brik

Queen on butterflies, unique necklace

Israel based artist - jeweler Maria Brik

Israel based artist Maria Brik

website: livemaster.ru/proffkino