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Jewellery decorations to meet the Yellow Earth Dog

Jewellery decorations to meet the Yellow Earth Dog

Gold coin with the image of the symbol of 2018. Jewellery decorations to meet the Yellow Earth Dog

Jewellery decorations to meet the Yellow Earth Dog
Indeed, what is the best choice for meeting the main winter holiday – New Year’s Day? According to Chinese horoscope, the new 2018 belongs to the yellow earth dog. However, the very New Year’s day still belongs to the Red Rooster. So, you should respect both signs. Sunny colors and glitter of gold, jewelry and accessories should not be screaming. Meanwhile, the very combination of color and the elements of the future symbol of the year implies their presence, especially on New Year’s Eve. In short, in the priority – jewelry from gold.

Jewellery decorations to meet the Yellow Earth Dog. Pearl and gold tone dog brooch

Pearl and gold tone dog brooch. Jewellery decorations to meet the Yellow Earth Dog

First of all, since the color of the dog is yellow, it is worth considering as accessories jewelery made of gold or metal, imitating it. About silver, however, also do not forget, especially silver with gilding. Also, quite suitable is costume jewelery. Besides, and products from the fashionable in our time ceramics, performed in the spectrum of yellow-orange scales.

As for the stones, natural crystals in the colors of the coming year are ideal. Well, the most sunny and earthly stone is, of course, amber. Frozen petrified resin is otherwise called pieces of the sun, a reflection of the depths of centuries …

Meeting the New Year in accessories with amber is an ideal condition for friendship with the dog. However, if amber is not your favorite stone, choose any other yellow shade for decoration. Fortunately, the future mistress of the year is not at all conservative in her choice.

Yellow agate, considered to be a stone of health, prosperity and longevity, zircon, or topaz – are a good choice. By the way, called before the XIX century “Siberian diamond”, topaz often decorated the crowns of sultans and kings of many countries. Fortunately, any yellow stone is the best choice for the mistress of the year the Yellow Earth Dog.

The shape, cut and size do not matter. Each stone is unique and tells the true history of the Earth and reveals the elements of the symbol of the coming year.

Do not deprive the dog of freedom!

As for the types of jewelry, then best to wear to please the dog: rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, contradict each other. For example, the choker – a necklace resembling a collar, stylists already now call the fashionable hit of 2018. Besides, it has so many different forms and styles that it will suit both the representatives of youth subcultures and those who prefer the classics. Leather, velvet, lace, decorated with pawns, beads, they will fit any outfit.

However, astrologers strongly do not recommend a chocker for the New Year, but in general any necklace or chain. The fact is that according to one version of the collar, the leash is what binds the dog. A dog, as it turns out, is not happy to wear a collar. How happy the dog will be if it sees the symbols that deprive it of freedom. This is especially true of gifts. To give any cervical decoration for this New Year is by no means impossible. But earrings on the girl’s ears or cufflinks on the lapels of a shirt at a man’s will please a dog.

As for the ornament of jewelry, ideally, of course there will be decorations in the form of flowers, leaves, and fruits. Elegantly will look figurines in the form of a symbol of the year – a variety of dogs, puppies, and even wolves.

Noteworthy, avoid cat symbolics in jewellery. This will anger the mistress of the next year. So, perhaps, the most terrible decoration for the New Year will be a pendant in the form of a kitten figurine.

Jewellery decorations to meet the Yellow Earth Dog