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Iradj Moini jewellery

Iradj Moini jewellery earrings with Buddha face

Earrings with Buddha face. Iradj Moini jewellery

Iradj Moini jewellery
An architect by training, Iradj Moini was a leading jewelry designer of fashion house Oscar de la Renta. Born in Iran, he made a career in jewelry in the 1980s. The list of prestigious clients confirms his reputation as one of the most talented modern designers. Made by hand, Iradj Moini jewellery always large and voluminous, with careful study of details. The jeweler, in particular, used such materials as copper, bone, wood and European crystals and oriental precious stones of bright colors. The main motifs of his ornaments are floral compositions and figurines.
Noteworthy, Iraj Moini also produced costume jewelery for such reputable designers as Bill Blass, Carolina Herrera and Arnold Scaasi. Orders for his decorations came from Europe. Significant demand for his jewelry allowed Moini to sell jewelry through the most fashionable stores in New York. Actress Drew Barrymore, for example, bought a gilded bracelet with Austrian crystals in a boutique in Los Angeles for the “Awarding the Academy” in 1999.

Iradj Moini jewellery

A fly brooch. Iradj Moini jewellery

Moini started his activities in 1989 in the largest “melting pot” of culture – New York. For inspiration he refers to the beginning of the XX century, to the era of flourishing successive Art Nouveau and Art Deco. He did not just collected their products, putting a puzzle of pieces of the past style – Iradj Moini recycled style elements, coming up with them again. Therefore, it is unlikely you’ll find identical items in his work, not to mention the same products. Each is unique.

Just in a couple of decades to his jewelry he added bronze, quartz, pearls, emeralds, rubies, and lapis lazuli. Moini massive necklaces, bracelets literally bewitch actresses such as Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck, becoming the trend of fashion jewelry. Even today his products are in the collection of the best collectors of jewelry samples. His work is in the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Iradj Moini jewellery always stand out for its massiveness, it can hardly be called delicate, and has never been designed for that. To wear jewelry by American designer Iradj Moini, you need to have certain qualities of character. In particular, determination, the desire to express yourself, not to be afraid of being the center of attention. His style is not about the quiet shyness, it is about luxury embodied in the lush beauty and radiance of natural stones. Indeed, one of the keys to unlocking the secrets of charm of Iradj Moini jewellery is that he, like anyone else, uses the natural beauty of the stone. In addition, allowing the size of the gem – even if sometimes excessive – remain unchanged, and only emphasize its true value.

The first work from the capsule collection of Iradj Moini and Ilyasa Ilyayeva. Necklace and bracelet with citrine, topaz and antique Netsuke in the form of babies. In the center of the composition – a unique sculpture of Netsuke of XIX century. Infant, closing his eyes and mouth, refers to the triad of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.

Iradj Moini jewellery