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Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

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Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Victorian brooch in the form of a dove and a horseshoe, 1880s, symbolizing luck, peace and love. Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope
A friend was visiting the famous atom scientist, Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr in his home. During the talking, the friend kept staring at a horseshoe hanging over the door. At last, his curiosity made him ask:
“Niels, it can’t possibly be that you, a brilliant scientist, believe the foolish horseshoe superstition?!”
“Of course I don’t,” replied the scientist. “But I understand it’s lucky whether you believe in it or not.”
Belief in lucky horseshoe quality – one of the most common modern superstitions among many people, regardless of religion – Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and atheists. Everyone believes that a horseshoe brings good luck to the house, but not everyone knows where this belief has come from.

1873 Victorian Good Luck Horseshoe Brooch

1873 Victorian Good Luck brooch

The fact that in ancient Egypt, Pharaoh’s horses were shod with golden horseshoes, and knowing this, the crowd often ran for a passing chariot of Pharaoh in the hope that one of the horses lost a shoe. The finder of it became a rich man, and as a symbol of wealth was often equated with happiness, then the holder of a horseshoe was considered lucky. Interestingly, unsuspecting Pharaoh thought (naive) that the crowd of people fleeing the chariot runs out of love for him.

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

1960 Horseshoe with clover Pendant

Belief in horseshoe as a protection from evil forces could arise from the legend of Saint Dunstan and the Devil. One day to the saint, known blacksmith, came the devil and asked him to shod his hoof. St. Dunstan did not refuse the request, and when he began to forge, the devil asked for mercy. But before the blacksmith released the chained, he had forced him to swear that devil would never come into the room where a horseshoe was hanging.

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

A large horseshoe pendant – delicate filigree, nickel silver, silver plating, oxidation, Czech glass insert. Russian jewelry factory

There is also a version of that faith in the protective powers of a horseshoe spread throughout Europe by the Roman conquerors – they believed that evil can be nailed to anything.

But there is a more prosaic explanation. Previously, the metal was very expensive, so to find such a useful household item as horseshoe, was a good luck.

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Brooch. Metal, inserts of colored glass. England, 1900s

Wherever came the belief in miraculous powers of a horseshoe, it is very firmly rooted in people’s minds and is popular to this day.

At the beginning of the last century one of the good wishes of loved ones was, “Let your doorstep will never lose its horseshoes!”.

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Antique Natural Pearl Pin

And here are some interesting facts from around the world.

In the East, as well as in some European countries and Latin America it was decided to hang a horseshoe horns down to luck rain on incoming.

In England and Ireland, a horseshoe was hung horns up, as the population of these countries were convinced that that was the only way to accumulate a fortune, otherwise it will pour down.

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Sapphire & Diamond Brooch

Mexicans decorate horseshoe with ribbons, coins and images of saints, and to touch a horseshoe with hands is strictly prohibited.

The Italians, on the contrary, hang a horseshoe so that each incoming could touch it and get his portion of happiness.

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Black Horseshoe Rhinestone Vintage Brooch

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Bronze pendant-charm

Horseshoe turned into furniture

Horseshoe turned into furniture

Horseshoe turned into souvenirs, accessories, decorations for clothes, shoes, furniture. Many women wear them as earrings, pendants, pins, brooches and other ornaments, and as a good luck charm it accompanies them everywhere.

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

White Gold Diamond and Brown Diamond Necklace

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Vintage Sterling Silver Thistle and Lucky Horseshoe Brooch

Vintage Coro, Lucky Horseshoe Brooch, Pin, 1949

Coro Brooch, 1949

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Vintage Coro Pin, 1949

Exquisite circa 1960 vintage gold filled horseshoe brooch

Circa 1960 gold filled brooch

Four-leaf clover and horseshoe necklace

Four-leaf clover and horseshoe necklace

 Horse Shoe Crystal Brooch

Crystal Brooch

Horseshoe and Pegasus vintage brooch, rhinestone jewelry alloy

Horseshoe and Pegasus vintage brooch

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Horseshoe jewellery

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Russian style, natural red agate, pearls, Swarovski crystals, Czech beads and Japanese beads

Horseshoe Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crystal

Horseshoe with horse Gold Brooch

Gold Brooch

Kirks folly vintage brooch - Angels with horseshoe

Kirks folly vintage brooch – Angels with horseshoe

Lucky horseshoe multi color stone vintage brooch

Lucky horseshoe multi color stone vintage brooch

Lucky Horseshoe Sterling Silver Swarovski crystals Ring

Sterling Silver Swarovski crystals Ring

Lucky you. Horseshoe diamond necklace

Lucky you. Diamond necklace

MFA Horseshoe brooch, Museum of Fine Arts

MFA brooch

Van Cleef & Arpels' Horseshoe and Bird brooch, 1938

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Horseshoe and Bird brooch, 1938

Horseshoe jewellery kaleidoscope

Victorian sterling with yellow and rose-gold gilt overlay leaves surrounding a 3D bird, ivy, leaves and flowers on horseshoe brooch