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Flamingo inspired jewellery

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Flamingo inspired jewellery. The famous flamingo brooch by Cartier. 1940

Designed by Jeanne Toussaint for Cartier brooch. 1940. Flamingo inspired jewellery

Flamingo inspired jewellery
Designed for Cartier brooch was acquired by the Duke of Windsor just before the German occupation. The generous plot size of the brooch makes it exceptional for this period. After the sale of the Duchess of Windsor jewelry at Sotheby’s auction in 1987, on the market appeared many copies of this brooch made of precious stones and crystals.
Flamingo – a symbol of the fulfillment of your desires. Called a fire bird, some species of flamingos have bright plumage resembling flames. Meanwhile, some birds have gentle pink color of feathers and are called the bird of dawn. Pink color of Flamingo for most people represents a symbol of beauty and elegance.

Pearl and Diamond Flamingo Brooch

Pearl and Diamond Brooch

One of the many legends dedicated to flamingo, tells how flamingos regretted people dying of starvation in the lean years and helped them. Flamingo fed poor people with pieces of meat, hatched out of its body. The blood flowing from the wounds, fell on their feathers and dyed them pink. The plumage of flamingos remains such a pink color to the descendants of survivors to not forget about it.

Beautiful, high quality trinket box depicts a flamingo in water, hand painted and decorated with translucent Swarovski crystal rhinestones

Trinket box depicts a flamingo in water, hand painted and decorated with translucent Swarovski crystals

In Egypt, the ancient Egyptians revered flamingos for divine and sacred beings bird. Flamingo personified Egyptian god of sun – Ra. Not by chance on images of old frescoes the ancient Egyptian sun god is depicted with the head of a flamingo bird and the human body.

Flamingo inspired jewellery

Brooch Flamingo of pink opal

Brooch of pink opal

In Latin, flamingo sounds like a Phoenicopterus, which is translated as “purple wing”. Flamingo – a prototype of the mythical bird Phoenix. It is known that according to legend, at the end of his career phoenix burned in the fire, then certainly reborn from the ashes. It is no accident it is believed that the prototype of flamingos are lycidae phoenix, symbol of transformation and rebirth.

Danecraft vintage brooch Flamingo

Danecraft vintage brooch

In Chinese mythology, the phoenix bird is considered a miracle. The phenomenon of the miracle of the birds is a great sign to people, portending a very important event. In the Chinese dictionary about Chinese Phoenix is said that this extraordinary bird has a neck, like a snake, goiter, like swallows, rooster’s beak, it is at the same time has the front similar to the swan, the back to the unicorn, the tail like a fish tail, and the patterns on the body. According to Chinese belief, the Phoenix bird appeared last time in 1368, on the eve of the death of the Yellow Emperor, the founder of the Ming Dynasty.

D'orlane vintage brooch Flamingo, 1980s

D’orlane brooch. 1980s

Meaning of mascot of phoenix bird, flamingo and therefore, as a type of Phoenix, in Feng Shui:
Bird phoenix in China – a symbol of sun, fire, heat, summer. Since the Chinese phoenix has always been considered “the wife of” the dragon, the phoenix mascot helps to create not only a strong union, but it even helps childless couples.

Ever Faith Jewelry Flamingo brooch

“Ever Faith Jewelry” brooch

Talisman with phoenix of red or fiery color will bring happiness, the victory, the beauty and wisdom, help in the prosperity. And to the creative people will assist in the execution of their desires and achieving the goal.

Flamingo inspired jewellery

Flamingo. Seashell artworks by Marina Alexandrova

Seashell artworks by Marina Alexandrova

The painting, statue or other object with a symbol of the phoenix bird, or flamingo should be placed in the element of fire sector, in the South (South sector – a sector of Fame, and then your fame and popularity will gain strength.

Swarovski brooch Flamingo

Brooch by Swarovski

Next to the mascot shouldn’t be placed many other figures and objects, as the bird should have enough space and no obstacles, to be free to spread wings and fly. Talisman with phoenix or bird flamingo will protect your home from danger, the first to bring the news to your home, which in turn will develop and strengthen your intuition.

Swarovski brooch Pink Flamingo

Swarovski brooch Pink Flamingo

Tara vintage brooch Flamingo

Tara brooch

Vintage brooch Flamingo, Great Britain, 1980s

Vintage brooch, Great Britain, 1980s