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Fire Rooster Year jewellery decorations

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Fire Rooster Year jewellery decorations

Silver tone, red rhinestones and enamel brooch. Fire Rooster Year jewellery

Fire Rooster Year jewellery

According to experts, preferable stones mascots for 2017 are all shades of red. Among them – bloody ruby ​​stones, deep cherry garnet, fire opal, or any stone associated with fire. For example, volcanic glass obsidian, or natural mineral amber.
To meet the new year, choose clothes of colorful and catchy colors. Pay attention to all bright, lush and shiny.
Orange, crimson, scarlet should prevail both in jewellery, accessories, clothes and in the home interior. Meanwhile, the biggest chic for Christmas costumes will be designs with peacock feathers.
Noteworthy, Christmas gifts for friends and family this year should include uniqueness and extravagance. Besides, your gift with the image of the hero of 2017 should find a practical application in the life.

1960s vintage brooch, USA

1960s brooch of gold tone with art glass imitating natural stones. USA

Fire Rooster Year jewellery

2017 totem animal Rooster

Enameled gold tone rhinestones brooch depicting Totem animal for 2017

One-of-a-kind handmade brooch Rooster. Polymer clay, painted

Handmade brooch. Polymer clay, painted

Beautiful rhinestone brooch Rooster

Rhinestone art glass gold tone brooch

Bronze Figurine 'Rooster' with inset stone of a coil. uralbronza.livemaster

Bronze Figurine with inset stone of a coil. source- uralbronza.livemaster.ru

Colorful brooch Rooster

Multicolor enamel Rooster brooch of gold tone

Costume brooch Rooster

Circle pin with rooster. Gold tone, enamel, rhinestones

Danish Rooster vintage brooch

Gold tone, lucite, rhinestones Danish vintage brooch

Enameled rhinestone brooch Roster

Enameled silver tone rhinestone brooch

Gold painted roosters. Christmas balls. Workshop of presents Eleniele

Gold painted Christmas balls. Workshop of presents by Eleniele.livemaster.ru

Key ring - pendant Rooster

Key ring – pendant

Napier Rooster brooch

Napier vintage brooch of gold tone, art glass, rhinestones

Red tailed Rooster key ring

Red tailed rhinestone gold tone key ring

Two cockerels Zodiac brooches

Two cockerels Zodiac brooches

Vintage brooch 1940-1950s Rooster

Vintage silver filigree brooch 1940-1950s