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Exquisite Vintage costume jewelry

brooch Chrysanthemums. Exquisite Vintage costume jewelry

Chrysanthemums Brooch. Exquisite Vintage costume jewelry

Exquisite Vintage costume jewelry

British jewellery company “Exquisite” (1914 – 1970) was founded by engraver Augustus Harry Power (1878 -1952) and Clarence Oswald Flint (1880 – 1946), in the city of Solihull. These two men bought the jewellery business from a jeweler named Walter Archibald Parker Watson (1880 – 1952). The Exquisite Vintage costume jewelry became especially popular after the Second World War. Normally, Exquisite hand enameled jewellery is recognized original, high-style standard, level and quality. Though the main brand name was Exquisite, they also produced Mirella and originally Myths and Magic by the Tudor Mint. They also produced the sterling silver souvenir charms for tourist visiting the UK. Exquisite costume jewellery was hand painted enamel, or made of gold or silver plate. The Exquisite jewellery is desirable, rare, expensive and collectible today.

Vintage brooch Pansies from Exquisite

Pansies Vintage brooch, corresponds to May. Collection ‘Birthday Flower Brooches’

“Birthday Flower Brooch” series with different flowers for each month has become incredibly popular today, and are popular among collectors. Usually Exquisite brooch is hand painted, so always looks original and has a significant value. ‘Birthday Flower Brooch’ series where each flower corresponds to a certain month of birth:
January – snowdrop
February – primrose
March – violets
April – iris
May – pansy
June – rose
July – fuschia
August – poppy
September – cornflower
October – carnation
November – chrysanthemum
December – Christmas rose

Exquisite Vintage costume jewelry