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Exquisite vintage costume jewellery Accessocraft

Exquisite vintage costume jewellery Accessocraft

Falcon vintage brooch, pendant. 1950s. Exquisite vintage costume jewellery Accessocraft

Exquisite vintage costume jewellery Accessocraft
Founded in 1935 by Edgar Rodelheimer and Theodore Steinman, jewellery company Accessocraft produced decorations of very high quality. Although the company “Accessorcraft” produced thousands of brooches during World War II, but only years later it became known for its heavy, stylish jewelry and accessories. In the 1960s, Gothic designs, alloys of antique metals imitating gold and bronze with unusual stones were very popular. Accessocraft produced decorations in the style of the Renaissance, Victorian and Art Deco with the use of colored enamels, Czech glass, crystals, cabochons and artificial pearls of the highest quality.
Thanks to an impeccable reputation, famous design studios worked with this company, developing for them magnificent designs of ornaments. However, the company worked until 1998.

Exquisite vintage costume jewellery Accessocraft. Patriotic Eagle vintage brooch

Patriotic Eagle vintage brooch. Exquisite vintage costume jewellery Accessocraft

In addition to jewelry, the company produced accessories, in particular, belts, buckles for belts, tie clips, collar clips, theater binoculars and magnifiers.

During the Second World War, “Accessocraft” began to produce decorations with military themes. In the 1960s, Accessocraft reached the peak of its popularity precisely thanks to heraldic ornaments. Their brooches, necklaces and buckles with Maltese crosses, heraldic lions, coat of arms, shields and crowns, are becoming more popular than ever. Also, “Accessocraft” produced elegant bracelets, earrings and brooches, using Czech glass of various shades in antique-colored frames. In addition, in the 1970s, “Accessocraft” began to produce jewelry in ethnic style: massive necklaces using lucite, cabochons and semiprecious stones.

The ornaments produced by the company marked as follows: “Accessocraft N.Y.C.”, with the copyright sign “Accessocraft”, on the tag: capital A and the inscription “Accessocraft”. Noteworthy, in the 1940’s the company produced jewellery under the brand name “Plastigold”, and in 1945 plastic decorations came out under the brand name “Feathergold”.

The company ceased operations in 1998. The son of Theodore, Paul Steinman ran the company until its closure.

Today, the heraldic brooches, brooches in the form of figures and ornaments from the Christmas series became the most popular and expensive ornaments issued by this company.

Exquisite vintage costume jewellery Accessocraft