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Eisenberg vintage jewellery

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Poster Eisenberg vintage jewellery

Eisenberg vintage jewellery
Founded in 1914, the company Eisenberg originally released women’s clothing and perfumes. In fact, the earliest jewelry complemented their dresses, and not more. However, soon Eisenberg costume jewelry began to overshadow the clothes. Accordingly, after 1958 the company finally began to manufacture jewelry, the design of which has always been impeccable!
Jewelry House Eisenberg traditionally used only high-quality materials and costume jewellery with Swarovski crystals imported from Austria. Meanwhile, during its existence, the company has used different markings. Thus, they used marking “Eisenberg” from 1958 to 1970, and for a while in the same period, ornaments didn’t have markings at all … Unfortunately, in 1977 the company changed owners and lasted only until the beginning of the 1990s. Therefore, today and always, jewelry from Eisenberg is incredibly popular with collectors and lovers of vintage.

Brooch Christmas, 1950. Eisenberg vintage jewellery

1950s Christmas brooch. Eisenberg vintage jewellery

Precious stones, glitter of gold and silver could not be more appropriate in bright Christmas decorations – sparkling and shining herringbone, snowmen and Santa Claus. There are collectors, who once and for ever have fallen under the charm of a Christmas theme – they collect Christmas jewelry brooches. Many of the decorations belong to the genre of “Costume Jewelry”, collectible jewelry, created on different occasions, but in the Christmas theme are found real masterpieces, like the brooch above.

Vintage Christmas brooch by Eisenberg Ice

Retro Christmas brooch by Eisenberg Ice

Jewelers of the company were particularly friendly with the traditions of Christmas and conquered all their festive decorations. Clips in the form of a flower poinsettia or second name of this flower “Christmas Star”. It blooms in the winter and is one of the most traditional gifts for Christmas.

Eisenberg vintage jewellery

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