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DeNicola costume jewellery

DeNicola costume jewellery - brooch from the series of Chinese zodiac, the year of goat

From the series of Chinese zodiac, the year of goat, or Capricorn. DeNicola costume jewellery

Established in New York (USA) in 1957, DeNicola costume jewellery became known for producing exquisite jewellery of high quality. Besides, Jerry DeNicola quite successfully competed with real expensive jewellery, because in the manufacture used gilt ornaments and semiprecious stones. Noteworthy, the first collection DeNicola “The Real Look”, released in 1962, represented the marine flora and fauna. And these unique decorations were really difficult to distinguish from precious gold and diamond jewelry. Shine of metal, fine stones and extremely complex design made many connoisseurs prefer jewelry brand DeNicola. Meanwhile, the second collection “Young America” appeared in 1964. However, in 1970, the company DeNicola became part of the jewelry company CAPRI and since then, the mark DeNicola was no longer used. Jewellery brand DeNicola is rare and not easy to find. According to a number of books and albums on costume collectible ornaments, these products have a collector’s value and relevance.

DeNicola costume jewellery

Galina Karputina collection. Luxury pearl bow cabochon with baroque pearls. Collectible vintage brooch 1960

DeNicola produced very high quality costume jewellery made of different materials. The company used a variety of designs, from sea urchins and turtles, to angels and images of Saint George. One of the most collectible and expensive, DeNicola costume jewellery was very popular at the time. And in particular, a line of zodiac signs jewelry enjoyed great success. The design of DeNicola jewellery was very peculiar and heavily serious. For example, popular at the time theme of angel in DeNicola design was strict and canonical.

However, if to trace the similarities between ornaments of different companies, there is a similarity of DeNicola ornaments with those of Cassini and Carnegie. At the end of 1950 DeNicola collaborated with Vogue. DeNicola lasted until 1970.

DeNicola costume jewellery