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Winter jewelry by Natalia Polezhaeva

Earrings Snowfall

“Snowflakes are falling” earrings. Swarovski crystals, rhodium-plated and inlaid zircon. Winter jewelry by Natalia Polezhaeva

Winter jewelry by Natalia Polezhaeva

Russian self-taught jeweler Natalia Polezhaeva has been creating exclusive jewelry for many years. Most of all, she likes the art of beading, embroidery on leather, as well as working with wire and plastic. Also, she likes to use natural stones in her work and combine various techniques and materials.
Noteworthy, creating jewelry is her hobby, love, work, and a big part of her life. Natalia likes to be creative, and constantly learns new techniques and methods. According to Polezhaeva, to implement new ideas and projects is her biggest passion, and she puts her soul into every piece of jewelry.
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Judith Leiber handbags

Judith Leiber handbags

Pear, apple and heart shaped Judith Leiber handbags

Traditionally, first ladies, celebrities and actresses prefer Judith Leiber handbags. These bags – not only recognized expensive accessory, but also a kind of animalistic sculptures made of rhinestones. Noteworthy, the bags have various shapes and forms – chests, baskets, bird cages, beehives, and more. Also, geometric shapes with various ornaments, funny animals, birds, frogs and other animals made with skill and humor.
Born in Hungary, Judith Leiber was the first woman to join the guild of manufacturers of bags in Budapest. For a long time she worked as a designer for various companies that manufactured bags. Meanwhile, in 1963, after her marriage, she decided, along with her husband, to start their own business. Today, their handbags worth several thousand dollars and have become a kind of symbol, which underlines the status of its owner.
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Kaleidoscope effect of Needle & Thread fashion brand

Kaleidoscope effect of Needle Thread fashion brand

Long black dress decorated with hand embroidery. Closeup. Kaleidoscope effect of Needle Thread fashion brand

Needle Thread fashion brand
A new fashion brand, the collection of Needle & Thread features original handmade finish.
Delhi-London brand specializes in great handmade design by combining Beading in the Indian spirit and modern style of London.
Under the direction of creative and beautiful director, fashion designer Hannah Coffin, the company presented luxury and eclectic collection. The collection included brilliant mini-skirts, tight and long dresses with vintage style embroidery, dazzling sequins, and rich floral patterns.
Incorporated in 2013, the British company manufactures products in the suburbs of Delhi, India. According to the information on the company’s website, the fast growing company sells its luxury dresses through major retailers. Among them, in particular, are Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-a-Porter, Harrods, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols Kuwait.
Noteworthy, many stars and celebrities, including members of the royal family, are fans of the fashion collections of this company.
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