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Beautiful Hollycraft costume jewellery

Beautiful Hollycraft costume jewellery

Vintage, 1950s brooch. Green Rhinestone, gold tone metal. Beautiful Hollycraft costume jewellery

Hollycraft costume jewellery
The history of Hollycraft began in 1939 in New York, when an Armenian immigrant Joseph Chorbajian founded a company called The Hollywood Jewelry Manufacturing Company. The talent and oriental temperament of Joseph Chorbaijan allowed him to invent unusually bright expressive ornaments, which the customers liked very much. The company gradually increased production. At the same time, the circulation of jewelry was still quite limited. In 1939, Archie Chorbajian and Jack Hazard, who previously worked as a jeweler at CORO, joined the company and brought a lot of ideas.
However, with the outbreak of the Second World War, the development of the family business was somewhat suspended. A new stage of development began after the end of the war. To begin with, the company had to change its name, becoming Hollycraft not to be confused with another famous company – Joseph of Hollywood. The peak of its popularity Hollycraft reached in the 1950s. Especially popular became Christmass jewelry collection, as well as charming floral decorations. Also, complete jewelry sets consisting of bracelet, earrings / clips, necklace and brooch. Among the collectors are in great demand jewelry made of patinated metal, reminiscent of antique gold.

Ribbon decorated Christmas Tree Brooch and Earrings

Ribbon decorated Christmas Tree Brooch and Earrings. 1950s. Hollycraft costume jewellery

In the first decade of its activity, the company did not label its products. Approximately since 1948, a paper tag in the form of a coat of arms the name of the company was attached to the ornaments. In the early 50’s, the company began to label their products with Hollycraft mark and the year of creation. Besides, since 1955, with the entry into force of the copyright law, most of the products are also marked with a copyright badge, which makes the task of determining the age of jewelry a little easier.

In the late 60-ies the popularity of Hollycraft jewellery is gradually decreasing, and in 1972 the company stopped making jewelry. However, the founder of the company until 1980 continued to develop jewelry design for other companies. At the same time, he produced his bijouterie under a different name.

Nowadays, Hollycraft jewelry collectors and designers working in vintage style value exquisite ornaments of the famous company. Collectors pay special attention to rare and original specimens, such as Christmas decorations, brooch-bouquets, as well as ornaments with rare materials – for example, foil cabochons and crystals. Besides, all Hollycarft decorations feature unusually exquisite color scheme, classical, but original, design and high quality. With all the brightness and expressiveness of the Hollycarft adornments, their distinctive features are intelligence and aristocracy.

Hollycraft costume jewellery