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Arnold Isaacs Scaasi costume jewellery

Arnold Isaacs Scaasi costume jewellery

Gold plated emerald green rhinestone cocktail ring. Arnold Isaacs Scaasi costume jewellery

Arnold Isaacs Scaasi costume jewellery
Scaasi, in fact, is the inverted name of a Canadian fashion designer Arnold Isaacs (May 8, 1930 – August 3, 2015).
Born in 1930, the future fashion and jewelry designer Arnold Scaasi grew up in a furrier’s family. Of course, the boy often helped his father in his workshop. However, Arnold decided to become a designer after his trip to Australia to his aunt, who was a great fashionista.
Arnold Isaacs graduated from the School of Design in his native Montreal, and then enrolled in the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture (Syndicate of High Fashion) in Paris. Then he worked at Paquin House, and finally moved to New York, at the invitation of the studio of the legendary designer Charles James.
Noteworthy, his clients were ex-first ladies Mami Eisenhower, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush, Ivanka Trump, Princess Yasmine Aga Khan, and Baroness Wendy De Vere Austin. And of course, such actresses as Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Deneuve and Joan Crawford. To the admirers of his talent, Arnold dedicated the book “Women I Have Dressed (and Undressed!)” . According to the designer, clothes with jewelry decorations look more interesting and more interesting to wear.

Gorgeous costume jewelry - earrings

Chandelier earrings, 1980s. Perfectly matched combination of matte (imitation of mother-of-pearl, turquoise, green onyx) and transparent (imitation of diamonds, rubies). Scaasi costume jewellery

Scaasi began to make his first independent steps in fashion in the 1950s. It was then that he changed his name to Scaasi, in order to give some Italian flair. Already in 1955, his model appeared on the cover of “Vogue”, and in 1958 he received a prestigious Coty Fashion Critics Award.

Meanwhile, in 1964, Scaasi opened a studio of “haute couture” for celebrities. His evening dresses were distinguished by the brightness of the colors and the abundance of decor. By the way, it was Arnold Scaasi who first suggested to Kenneth Lane to switch entirely to jewelry design, asking to come up with earrings as a set for decorative buttons on one of the pair of shoes of his brand.

Arnold Isaacs Scaasi costume jewellery

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