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Anna Kapustina Steampunk jewellery

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Steampunk Bracelet Fairy Meadow

Steampunk Bracelet Fairy Meadow. Anna Kapustina Steampunk jewellery

Anna Kapustina Steampunk jewellery
The world of steampunk includes team engines and perfected mechanics, leather and rivets, darkness and smokestacks of red brick. Robots without a single chip and the submarine “Nautilus”, Jules Verne and HG Wells. Steampunk is a science fiction attracting fans, and inspiring artists, craftsmen and jewelry designers. One of them is Anna Kapustina. She creates jewelry in the style of steampunk and guns. Bright, delicate, glamorous, sparkling – the way she sees this style.
According to Anna, she started making jewelry from polymer clay, better known as plastic. However, six months later she realized how many artists are involved in this kind of applied art. Indeed, it has become a mass phenomenon.
Kapustina started looking for something new and asked her husband what he would put on himself as a decoration. In response, he gave her a link to “Wikipedia” with an article about steampunk. Finally, Anna was able to create her first pendant, and liked it very much.

Steampunk Ring 'Flying in the rays of the copper sun' from the collection 'A Farewell to Arms'

Steampunk Ring ‘Flying in the rays of the copper sun’ from the collection ‘A Farewell to Arms’

If you look closely, these mechanisms are incredibly beautiful. Anna has her own view on steampunk. Style means gloomy and dark mood, and only few people living in this world can use such decorations. But she wanted to make something that anyone could wear. She creates ornaments which are bright, shiny, and sometimes glamorous.

Anna Kapustina Steampunk jewellery (2007-2017)

Steampunk ring 'Vintage Butterfly'

Steampunk ring ‘Vintage Butterfly’

Earrings Fairy. Anna Kapustina Steampunk jewellery

Fairy earrings

Pendant Cat

Cat Pendant

Steampunk bracelet A Farewell to Arms

Steampunk bracelet A Farewell to Arms

Steampunk bracelet 'Chic era'

‘Chic era’ Steampunk bracelet

Steampunk brooch 'Dog Dachshund'

Dachshund dog steampunk brooch

Steampunk brooch 'Night Flight'

‘Night Flight’ brooch

Steampunk brooch 'Royal'

‘Royal’ brooch

Steampunk Earring 'Cicada'

Cicada steampunk earrings

Steampunk Earrings 'Cicadas'

Steampunk Earrings ‘Cicadas’

Steampunk Pendant Cat

Cat steampunk pendant

Steampunk Pendant Family of beetles

Family of beetles pendant

Steampunk Pendant 'Grapevine'

‘Grapevine’ pendant

Steampunk pendant Griffin

Griffin pendant

Steampunk Pendant 'In the heart'

‘In the heart’ steampunk pendant

Steampunk Pendant key with clockwork

Key with clockwork pendant

Steampunk Pendant 'Lord of the seas and oceans'

‘Lord of the seas and oceans’ pendant

Steampunk Pendant 'Messenger of Summer'

‘Messenger of Summer’ pendant

Anna Kapustina

Russian jeweler Anna Kapustina lives in Yaroslavl with her husband and their two children