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Amber Kaleidoscope

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Amber Kaleidoscope

Magic properties of natural stone. Amber Kaleidoscope

Amber Kaleidoscope

A symbol of happiness and health, the magical properties of amber are as diverse as medical. Infinitely various, emerged from the depths of time, and timeless, amber is like music. The jewelers especially prize pieces of amber with prisoners inside them – insects, bubbles of air or water. Along with jade amber is the oldest gem known to man. Mention of it can be found in the writings of Plato and Aristotle.
Shrouded in mystery in the old days, the origin of amber gave rise to many legends about it. For example, the ancient Greeks called this stone electron, thought it was frozen tears, weep for the dead Phaeton.
The stone varies from almost white and light yellow to reddish-brown and almost black. Its shades resemble yellow topaz. Noteworthy, experts distinguish between 350 shades of amber.
Interestingly, even the ancient Romans knew how to change the color of amber, boiling it in honey. As a result, the “sun stone” became red. Also, there are other methods of giving a color to amber.

Amber Kaleidoscope. Amber bee pendant

Bee pendant

From ancient times people knew there are few diseases that Amber could not heal and actively used it in medical practice. According to belief, it treats headaches, sore throat and softens the impact of differential pressure. Also, it improves cardiac function, relieves toothache, and helps with many other ailments.

The gem has beneficial effects on the blood, lymph, and interstitial fluid. It helps with diseases of the joints, varicose veins, reduces inflammation and restores the venous valves. Also, it helps with mastitis, cysts, fibroid and other tumors, including cancer, helps in the treatment of goiter. The gem contains iodine, so wearing beads thereof is useful in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland, which occur when iodine deficiency.

Amber Kaleidoscope

Amber Kaleidoscope. Amber trapped insects

Trapped insects

Since ancient times it was used as a powerful talisman and amulet. Amber is a source of creative power, belief and optimism. It enhances intuition and helps to realize the plans into action to bring good luck, joy and peace, gives good spirits, keeps health.
If a pregnant woman wears amber, then she is guaranteed successful easy childbirth. If a nursing mother wears amber beads, a child will have a cheerful and kind character.

Amber Kaleidoscope. Baltic amber ring 'Lemon juice'

Baltic amber ‘Lemon juice’

A piece of raw amber was placed near the pillow to scare away evil spirits. And in order to protect the home from fire and lightning in the house kept a few pieces of amber.
Amber symbolizes the spiritual connection. Low grade amber was used in religious ceremonies, as it is well lit and exudes a pleasant smoke – incense. With smoke of burning amber fumigated last newlyweds and newborns for happiness.

Amber Kaleidoscope

Amber Kaleidoscope. Baltic amber ring 'Lemon juice'

‘Lemon juice’ ring

Amber is the stone of born under the Leo Zodiac sign, its Element is Fire, planet – The Sun. Green amber helps everyone who is in love. We know that any color of amber is healing and helps to cure many diseases, but the green has a special effect on the human body. It is the color of nature, life and the world, so the first thing it is good at – it affects the nervous system. Green amber properties are unlimited, it gives its owner a sense of balance, peace, security. In addition, it contributes to the concentration of thoughts, relieves palpitations, normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular system, stabilizes blood pressure and treats arrhythmia.

Bracelet with natural amber of three cognac, green, matt colors

Bracelet. Cognac, and green tone amber

To wear a green mineral is good for people suffering from eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. Its effectiveness is in acute colds, nervousness, increased excitability, irritability or hyperactivity. Framed in silver, amber has the strongest properties.

Amber Kaleidoscope

Bracelet, earrings, pendant and ring of amber

Bracelet, earrings, pendant and ring

Amber Kaleidoscope. Brooch 'Shining Heart' Amber Melchior

Shining Heart brooch

Multicolored amber ring

Multicolored amber ring

Amber Kaleidoscope. Pendant Lemon Heart

Lemon Heart pendant

Amber Kaleidoscope. Pendant Lemon Owl

Owl pendant

Amber Kaleidoscope. Pendant of natural green amber

Natural green amber pendant

Pendant 'Rose in the dawn mist'

‘Rose in the dawn mist’ pendant

Stars earrings of white amber

Stars earrings of white amber

'Time to gather oranges' pendant of amber

‘Time to gather oranges’ pendant

White Rose pendant. Amber and silver

White Rose silver pendant

Amber Kaleidoscope. Amber bee pendant

Bee pendant

Amber Kaleidoscope. Amber Pendant of wine color

Wine color amber pendant