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Beautiful and mysterious Abalone pearl jewelry

Brooch Space. Abalone pearl jewelry

Brooch Space. Beautiful and mysterious Abalone pearl jewelry

Beautiful and mysterious Abalone pearl jewelry

Abalone – a pearl of marine mollusks of the genus Haliotis. Haliotis does not tolerate desalination of water. There are more than 51 kinds of mollusks. Shades of abalone nacre (mother-of-pearl) are very diverse and changeable: from pale pink and white, emerald green, sea green, cobalt blue, orange-red to purple and almost black. Variety of colors and shades is explained by the structure of the shell, consisting of microscopic plates separated by an air gap, which refracts the rays. All marine mollusks differ in color and pattern, but the most valuable for jewelers is abalone nacre called “feather of the Firebird” or “rainbow shell” for its fantastic shades of pearl, virtually all the colors of the rainbow. Sometimes, very rarely, inside the abalone shell are pink-green iridescent pearls! The more bizarre and unique are colors of abalone nacre, the more unique, one of a kind product out of it will be.

In the painting 'Pearl' in 1904, Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel painted abalone shell, transfiguring it in his magical way

In the painting ‘Pearl’ in 1904, Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel painted abalone shell, transfiguring it in his magical way

Abalone has been used in many cultures as a carving decoration and jewelry. Abalone Jewellery – traditional craft of indigenous people of New Zealand – Maori.
Apache tribe girls wore Haliotis Disc on their forehead, welcoming the morning sun on the day of initiation. The whole abalone shell – a traditional container used by American Indians for smoking herbs and herbal mixtures.

On the market of vintage jewelry more often is present Mexican silver jewelry inlaid with Abalone. Typically, this jewelry is made in the traditional Indian patterns and ornaments. Such decoration is very interesting and sought after by collectors. They have a lot of silver and visible quality work of craftsmen. There are very expensive items. The older and more complex decoration pattern of Abalone, the more expensive is the product.

By the law of Mexico, all silver products in this country, regardless of whether they are hand made by a master, or in the factory, since 1948, are required to have the stigma «Made in Mexico» or “Mexico City” and the sample.

This stigma shows the year of decoration production. When buying silver Mexican vintage jewelry, I tell you from my own experience, there is no doubt – this is a good 925 sterling silver, not to mention the value and beauty of vintage items.

Unfortunately, many Abalone species are on the verge of extinction today, and their commercial fishing is prohibited. However, there are private plantations for breeding Abalone.

Mystic. As assumed, pearl can help the owner to bring to life new, keeps peace in the family, and protects the house from evil spirits. In addition, it stimulates creative thinking, promotes intuition and prolongs life to pearl owner.

Medieval healers believed that the powders and drugs, which are composed of nacre, are almost a panacea from all diseases. But modern healers claim that it is able to strengthen the immune system, improves skin tone and health of the whole organism.

Modernity. A recent study of scientists showed that the crystal structure of a natural pearl is unique in its own way and can become the prototype of the modern high-strength materials. Chemists have found that in its composition contains 5% organic matter, which completely changes the properties of this material!

And even more, there is now military research for the production of future armor of nacre analogues.

Beautiful and mysterious Abalone pearl jewelry

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