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Jewellery Theatre high jewellery

Jewellery Theatre high jewellery. Fairy tales

Jewellery Theatre high jewellery. Fairy tales

Jewelry House “Jewellery Theatre” was organized in 1998 in Moscow. Almost immediately, the company announces its entry into the “luxury” market. Everyone is familiar with such jewelers as Cartier, Chopard and Tiffany, their decoration is deservedly considered the top of jewelry. But not many people know that in Russia there are no less talented jewelers, such as “JT – Jewellery Theatre”. Jewellery Theatre works only with precious stones and metals – diamonds, gold, sapphires, emerald, rubies.
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Anna Nova Jewelry house

Sakura. Gold, silver, garnet, jade green, clear quartz, chalcedony, patinated

Sakura. Gold, silver, garnet, jade green, clear quartz, chalcedony, patinated. Anna Nova Jewelry house

Jewelry House «Anna Nova» was founded in St. Petersburg in 2004. The main focus of the creative activity of the company was the creation of «Objets de fanasie» – exquisite miniatures of stone and precious metals. The history of these precious “trinkets” has a long tradition, both in Europe and in Russia, where the best of them were made by Carl Faberge. Jewelry House «Anna Nova» aims to continue and develop this kind of jewelry traditions of creativity at the highest level.
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Nardi Jewelry Kaleidoscope

Nardi Jewelry Kaleidoscope. The Tree of Life

White gold ‘Moretto Albero della Vita’ brooch set with diamonds. The Tree of Life, originally created in 1947 by Giulio Nardi for his wife Giuseppina. Was recreated in the 1970s

Italian artist jeweler Giulio Nardi was an expert in precious stones. He was born in Florence, but moved to Venice in 1920, where he opened his first shop of decorations on the famous Piazza San Marco. Love for this city allowed Giulio Nardi to bring very special, unique spirit of Venice into his jewelry. Jewelry House Nardi is a traditional family business that specializes in making unique jewelry around since 1920 and is recognized as one of the most elegant fashion houses in the world. Venetian brand Nardi gained international fame in the post-war period, when the Dolce Vita was at its peak. Giulio Nardi accessories were in high demand among VIPs, celebrities, corporate leaders and members of royal families like Princess Paola of Liege, Liz Taylor, Grace Kelly, Ernest Hemingway, Arthur Rubinstein, Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Hutton, Joe di Maggio and Elton John.
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Winter jewelry by Natalia Polezhaeva

Earrings Snowfall

Earrings Snowflakes falling. Winter jewelry by Natalia Polezhaeva

Earrings Falling snowflakes (Winter Collection). Fabulously beautiful earrings in the form of shimmering ice snowflakes – sparkling crystal facets of Swarovski crystals, rhodium-plated and inlaid zircon. Russian self-taught jeweler Natalia Polezhaeva has been creating exclusive jewelry for many years. She works in the art of beading, embroidery on leather, as well as wire and plastic. She likes to use natural stones in her work and likes to combine various techniques and materials with new variations and designs. Creating jewelry is her hobby, love, work, part of her life. Natalia likes to be creative, to constantly learn and try new techniques and methods, to implement new ideas and projects, like build and do it with pleasure and with all her soul.
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Flower kaleidoscope by Anatoly Vostochny

Snow flake

Snow flake. Flower kaleidoscope by Anatoly Vostochny

Anatoly Vostochny – talented and creative photographer and poet. Gallery of his photographs consists of more than 10 thousand pictures on different themes – portraits, landscapes, still lifes, animals, children, genre, travel, black and white, retro … From the extensive collection of photographs I have chosen a series of photographs that can be called “Flower Kaleidoscope “. Bright positive pictures processed in Photoshop. Anatoly lives and works in Odessa, but stresses that he was born in the USSR. “Soviet Union – is my homeland, my family, my home. I come from Mariupol. And now I have there children, grandchildren and many relatives: only siblings cousins – 44 of them. So it is really my city …. Well and Donbass … Although I lived in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Vorkuta … How many good things were in the USSR”.
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