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Imperial bouquet jewellery

Imperial bouquet jewellery

Imperial bouquet jewellery. 1763 Flower bouquet Blumenstrauß aus Edelsteinen. The Natural History Museum (Vienna)

1763 Flower bouquet of precious stones was a romantic spring gift of Maria Theresia to her husband Emperor Franz Stephan. The baroque bouquet is exhibited in The Gemstone Collection of the Natural History Museum (Vienna). Emperor Franz Stephan was interested in natural sciences and Maria Theresia shared her husband’s interests. The jewel flower bouquet weighs 2,8 kilograms and is 50 centimeters high. It is unique not only for the value of used precious stones, but also for the incomparable craftsmanship. A wealth of glistening artistically reproduced flowers and diverse insects made up of 761 variegated stones and 2,102 diamonds, along with the vase of rock crystal. The leaves were crafted from lime green silk. The bouquet is an incredible jewelry creation by Georg Gottfried Lautensack, a jeweler from Frankfurt. Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was intrigued by the bouquet, having mentioned about it in fourth book “Aus meinem Leben” (From my life): “Everyone knew of Emperor Franz Josephs great affinity towards gems, he especially favored colored jewels”.
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Huan Pham wire work jewellery

Dove Brooch

Dove Brooch. Huan Pham wire work jewellery

Wire Work Technology attracts few jewelers. It’s not about mass production, it’s about individuality and exclusiveness. And if the master feels the material, in his skillful hands is born a miracle! Among these masters is Australian jeweler Huan Pham. The artist always liked to experiment, trying a variety of needlework, beading, seriously studied professional literature, and finally found his calling in the manufacture of accessories in technology of Wire Work. Any piece of his jewelry is unique, easily recognizable by many connoisseurs of rare handmade accessories. Huan Pham – the man, whose work can not leave women’s hearts indifferent. Making wire work pendants, necklaces and earrings, Huan Pham uses silver and gold-fill wire, Swarovski crystals, natural stones.
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Jeweler Vladimir Salomatin

A branch of lilac

A branch of lilac. Silver, enamel. Jeweler Vladimir Salomatin

Russian craftsman and jeweler Vladimir Salomatin was born 1 January 1942, in the Rostov region. He graduated from Irkutsk Aviation Technical College of Civil Aviation in 1962 and flew to Riga (then USSR) in 1983. From 1965 to 1969 he studied and successfully graduated from Academy of Arts of the Latvian SSR, drawing classes. Vladimir Salomatin worked as a a jeweler-designer in a Creative Center Dailrade, which produced folk art works, souvenirs of metal, wood and amber (1983 – 1990). Vladimir Salomatin exhibited his art works at regional and national exhibitions of applied art. In 1988 he was awarded the title People’s craftsman.
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Jewellery designer David Webb

A closeup of rose blossom, David Webb

A rose blossom. Platinum and diamond brooch, circa 1962, Jewellery designer David Webb

American self-taught jewellery designer David Webb has become the quintessential Jeweler and an iconic figure in the world of high fashion and jewelry art of the XX century. David was born in North Carolina in 1925. The founder of the eponymous jewelry house David Webb began to think about creating jewelry in childhood. The boy, who was then living in the American town of Asheville, often visited his uncle – a talented jeweler who owned a large studio. Even then, the young Webb interested in the secrets of stone cutting that fascinated him with its magnificence and mysteriously flickering facets. Uncle taught his curious nephew David some of the secrets of jewelry that fascinated Webb more and more.
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Oscar Heyman & Brothers jewellery

Pair of Platinum, Diamond and Colored Stone ‘Pansy’. Oscar Heyman & Brothers jewellery

Pair of Platinum, Diamond and Colored Stone ‘Pansy’. Oscar Heyman & Brothers jewellery

The Heyman family, consisting of nine siblings, emigrated from Russia to New York in 1906. Two of the brothers, Oscar and Nathan, had apprenticed at a Faberge factory, while another brother was an accomplished toolmaker. Together, they launched Oscar Heyman & Brothers in 1912. The brothers were master platinum-smiths who utilized only the finest diamonds and colored gems. In time, the firm manufactured and supplied jewelry for the most prestigious American jewelry houses of the 1930s. Flower brooches became the company’s signature item. Their magnificent creations are often unstamped, and require specialists’ authentication. Oscar Heyman & Brothers continues to be self-contained, family owned and operated business where the old world techniques of tool making, fine platinum and gold metal-smithing are employed in the production of each piece.
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Russian jeweler Ilya Maksimov

Surreal golden ring 'Fire salamander'. Yellow shining sphene, dark blue sapphires, black rhodium. Russian jeweler Ilya Maksimov

Surreal golden ring ‘Fire salamander’. Yellow shining sphene, dark blue sapphires, black rhodium. Russian jeweler Ilya Maksimov

Russian jeweler Ilya Maksimov lives and works in Sevastopol. He has been in this profession for almost 20 years. Talented artist goldsmith loves his job and considers himself a happy man. Surrounding him beauty – landscapes, sea and mountains of the Crimean peninsula has always inspired him for creativity and new ideas. Ilya says, “I like to give pleasure to people, so all my works are made with an open mind and a pure heart. I hope that among my works you can find for yourself and choose the jewelry to your liking. Choose with you heart.” In the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “The most important thing eyes can not see. Only the heart can see!”. The workshop of the master has a name “Another Silver’, though he also uses gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphire and other semi-precious stones and minerals.
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Boucheron Bestiary Kaleidoscope

Chameleon Ring Boucheron Bestiary Kaleidoscope

Boucheron Bestiary Kaleidoscope. Chameleon Ring set with pavé tsavorite garnets, blue, pink and yellow sapphires and two rubies, in blackened gold

French ‘Boucheron’ is one of the most daring and original jewelry brands in the world. The jewelry house Boucheron has been producing Watches and high jewelry, luxury goods and accessories for more than 157 years. Founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron, at the moment Boucheron jewellery house has 34 boutiques worldwide with more than €50 million in total sales. Frederick Boucheron opened his first store in ‘Galerie de Valois’ in the Palais-Royal, in the heyday of the Second French Empire. In 1866 he opened his own studio, and a year later won the gold medal at the World Fair (Universal Exposition) in 1867 in Paris.
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